The Grindhouse | Cobra Spell, Trick Casket, Cannibal Corpse & More New Loudness

I've been running the gauntlet of stupid today. Unlike these heavyweight contenders.

Today has been an endless gauntlet Of stupid. Hey, that would be an awesome name for a heavy metal album, now that I think of it. Maybe one of these bands will use it. While we wait, take a run through their latest videos and singles. Hell, you’d be stupid not to:


Cobra Spell | S.E.X.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “International sleaze-rock quintet Cobra Spell strike with their debut album 666, out Dec. 1. With all guns loaded, the fierce ladies fire their first shot with the single S.E.X., centered around singer Kristina Vega’s skillful, powerful sky-high vocals climaxing in a stunning guitar solo by guitar hero Sonia Anubis. Cobra Spell’s current lineup is completed by Noelle dos Anjos on guitar, Hale Naphtha on drums and Roxy Herrera on bass. Together they have toured with established artists such as Ross The Boss, Enforcer and Evil Invaders, and released two EPs, Love Venom (2020) and Anthems Of The Night (2022). “We are excited to share with you the sleaziest track of our upcoming album 666,” they say. “This one speaks about a deep desire for sexual pleasure that manifests in different ways and forms, to fill an inner emotional void.”

Trick Casket | Filth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Formed in 2017 by vocalist Connor Grant, Trick Casket found its birth in the depths of Toronto’s scene during an arduous journey of emotional turmoil and darkness. A thunderous storm of industrial metal, Trick Casket’s sound channels the spirit of legendary acts like Ministry and 3Teeth while paying homage to their key influences, including Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Korn and Suicide Commando. Their latest single, the anger-fueled Filth, marks a new chapter for the band, as they explain: “The song is about a betrayal. Seeing just who someone truly is underneath. But am I talking about someone who did me wrong? Or is it all self-reflection realising you aren’t who you thought you were? You choose.”

Cannibal Corpse | Chaos Horrific

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Death metal icons Cannibal Corpse offer the unsettling video for Chaos Horrific, the title track of their new 16th studio album. Since 1988, Cannibal Corpse have remained at the forefront of death metal, shaping and defining the genre. This year, they return with the monstrous Chaos Horrific, beginning the next chapter in their legacy. Produced by guitarist Erik Rutan, who has now helmed six of the band’s albums, Chaos Horrific is a full-on death-metal outing, straight down to the themes, which include zombie warfare, resetting the human race through mass mutilations, and the violent revenge of victims of human trafficking. It also features cover art by longtime collaborator Vince Locke. In celebration of Chaos Horrific, the band deliver a blood-soaked video for the gruesome title track, directed by David Brodsky. Elaborates drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz: “This song is about fighting for your life from a zombie attack. An ax, a knife, a machete. Whatever it takes to kill these things.”

TakaLaiton | Rip ‘n Burn

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “There’s only one way to shred in Finland — and that’s ripping guitar riffs while having yourself sauna. TakaLaiton show you how thrash is done the Finnish way with their latest guitar playthrough for their track Rip N’ Burn, off their new album Mindfection produced by Teemu Aalto (Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium). TakaLaiton display a powerfully melodic, thrash-influenced attitude that is best seen in their super-energetic live shows, which have always left fans with a sore neck and bruises from the moshpit. With a risk-taking demeanor, TakaLaiton blend fast-paced energy and a bone-crushing groove, with melodies that can only be inspired by the dark, depressing, and frigid far north. Since their inception, they have covered a lot of territory on tour, bringing their rowdy stage presence to the Scandinavia, Europe, and Asia.”

Corners of Sanctuary | Crazy Horses

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “American heavy metal band Corners of Sanctuary have released a new video for their latest cover single, Crazy Horses. The band’s take on the 1972 Osmonds classic is a modern supercharged version, highlighting the song’s original rock appeal. “This song was a milestone in The Osmonds’ catalog, in my opinion,” said COS guitarist Mick Michaels. “It’s always been a song that has had so much power and drive to it, but never got the recognition it deserved from the rock community… we wanted to honour that in our way.” Crazy Horses appears on the digital-only EP Taking Cover.”

Foetal Juice | Two Bongs Don’t Make A Right

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Since 2005, Mancunian stalwart of extreme metal Foetal Juice has made it an inexorable mission to corrupt the underground with its feast of deliciously graceless, diabolically grim, and downright pustular, pissed-off noise. With seven albums already in their disgusting discography, they are now adding an eighth — Grotesque, which promises to be filled with filthy riffs, deathly growls and sickening vocals. The first peek into this monstrosity is a visualizer for Two Bongs Don’t Make A Right. “Sometimes we think we are leaving our grindy roots behind and going into a more death metal direction,” the band say. “So, with this one, we thought we should create a minute-and-a-half grind song without many riffs. It’s also designed to be a good ending to side A of vinyl with an abrupt ending. Lyrically it’s just about our singer not being able to smoke as much weed as he used to be able to and having a whitey.”

Chamelion | The Shadowleader

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Finland’s Chamelion will release their sophomore album Legends & Lores in December. Legends & Lore was recorded in various studios and was mixed by Tampere-based power metal mixer Jussi Kulomaa. Fans can hit the play button, close their eyes to dive into a fantasy world where might and magic rules, and let the music grow on them. Starting the band’s first quest for new fans, they are unveiling the first single The Shadowleader, the third track on the full-length and one earliest songs written by Chamelion. “Lyrically, it tells a story about the main villain of the album,” they say. “It’s a neoclassical tune with baroque elements throughout the song. Also to mention, our guitarist Jari makes some serious guitar sweeping here!”

TTFA | Corrosive Form

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Torn The Fuck Apart are a three-piece metal band known for their technical, brutal, visceral, aggressive, and groovy sound. With a commitment to pushing musical boundaries and delivering electrifying live performances, TTFA have garnered a dedicated following within the metal community. Their sixth release Kill. Bury. Repeat. promises to be just as punishing as the ones that came before it, and listeners can judge for themselves with the visualizer for Corrosive Form. The band say: “It is a song about the disposal of a body through chemical reaction. A song inspired by the serial killer John Robinson aka Slavemaster; a serial killer, con man, embezzler, kidnapper, and forger who was found guilty in 2003 for three murders committed in and around the Kansas City area. On a farm in Kansas, a task force found the decaying bodies of two women in two chemical drums, and in Missouri, they found three more.”

Sol Negate | On The Verge Of Dreaming Again

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Sol Negate emerged from the mind of Edoardo Curatolo in Seattle. He intended to compose music in a classical manner, but with modern guitars and drums in the orchestral ensemble. He wanted to “paint” using the palette that extreme metal offers without necessarily writing traditional metal songs. With the aid of drummer Sebastian Lanser (ex-Obscura, Juvaliant, Obsidious) finalizing drum parts and making them his own along with vocalist Riley McShane (Continuum, ex-Allegaeon) taking on the concept to add his unique lyrics and vocal parts, the result transformed into the debut album On the Verge of Dreaming Again, which challenges the boundaries of progressive death metal. Curatolo explains what’s in store: “It explores the journey of the mind as one approaches death, reliving moments of life flashing before their eyes and experiencing the fall into the unknown. Each track on the album represents a passage of time, reflecting how seemingly insignificant experiences can leave lasting imprints and how perceptions of events can continue to haunt us even in our final moments.”

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