The Grindhouse | Doom ’An Blue, Display Of Decay, Eunomia & More New Brutality

Sing the Black Hole Blues, enter Anoter Dimension, get Carried Away and more.


Ready or not, here it comes: Another mighty, malevolent and magnificent collection of the biggest, baddest and most evil offerings of the day. How do we do it? Volume. Remember: If it’s too old, you’re too loud (or something like that):


Doom ‘An Blue | Black Hole Blues

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The heavy hooves of Montreal duo Doom ‘An Blue — featuring drummer Jimmy Antle (Mürtenscythe, Guttrot) and guitarist Lee Whiskey (Leather Up Your Ass, ex-Mutank) — return with a soul-digging dive into the unknown with Black Hole Blues. Smashing classic rock riffage and sweet stoner speed tides since first forming in 2016, over the years Doom ‘An Blue have released various videos and singles of just them as a duo along with collaborations with musicians from the Montreal music scene. Say they: “We are both fans of space documentaries, aliens, otherworldly ideas, and the possibilities of tasty beer-ish beverages. One night talking space at jam, Jimmy said he was into this cool title he thought up, which was Black Hole Blues, so of course it was just perfect for a groovy new instrumental we were cooking up just a few full moons beforehand! It came together fast, and quickly became a live staple and often a show closer for many years! The video itself is based on true occurrences that prove to be documented from the summer of 2018 until an unknown point of reference… These findings are known as the Black Hole Blues. We can’t for all the doom hounds to devour! Dig in, and feast the hell out of it!”

Display of Decay | Harbinger

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Prepare to be immersed in a world of sonic extremity by Edmonton death-metal titans / mega nerds Display Of Decay and their fourth album Vitriol, hitting the shelves later this year. They have already released the single The Butcher, and now the second preview Harbinger will continue to engulf listeners in thunderous drums, ferocious guitars, guttural vocals, and gory lyrics. The band share what’s in store: “Harbinger is definitely one of the most technically challenging songs, if not the MOST technically challenging on the record. A frenzy from start to finish, this track features a wide range of dynamics stretching from sweep picking, and octaves, to full-on chaos! Lyrically, it’s entirely based on Mass Effect and the Reaper invasion, because as previously mentioned, nerds.”

Eunomia | Another Dimension

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Norwegian adventure power metallers Eunomia released their sophomore full-length The Chronicles of Eunomia Part II today. They have already previewed two singles: The Story Goes On and My Heart. To mark their album’s release, they are sharing a new video for the track Another Dimension, a top-notch energy-boost track. It is one of the band’s favourites as it has a lot of high-power metal screams, a keyboard solo, plus a catchy chorus. The song tells the confrontation between the allies and a dark wizard called Dorgormir to claim the staff to open portals to the realm of the dead. The band explain further: “With this song, we wanted to go back to the glory days of bands such as Gamma Ray and Freedom Call, while still putting in some more aggressive ‘modern’ approach as well. We wanted it to be a huge singalong song, but with an epic bridge section that really makes the vocalists shine with some insanely high-pitch vocals.”

Neolia | Carried Away

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Israel’s Neolia released their debut self-titled album in May. The album is an experimental, progressive slab of metal that fans have been flocking to local shows for. From the record’s haunting melodies to its complex rhythms, every aspect of this full-length has been crafted with care and precision. Today, the band share their latest vocal playthrough from Ben Reiss for the track Carried Away. They say: “Carried Away is dark yet restless. It has a dynamic wide range from the most tender guitars to the sharpest and most dissonant tones. The vocals in the song incorporate a variety of vocal techniques that keep the listener on his toes. Carried Away takes you on the journey inside the mind of a child that is hallucinating scary images.”

Raised By Haze | Prediction

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Founded by the visionary guitarist Gabriele Robotti and featuring the soulful vocals of Valentina Tesio, Raised By Haze’s first full-length Touch the Sky — out Nov. 17 — promises to be a musical journey like no other, embodying the essence of the band. To introduce their sound, Raised By Haze unveil the first single Prediction. Gabriele Robotti, the creative force behind Raised By Haze, says: “This single represents the essence of our musical exploration, seamlessly combining the diverse influences of soul, R&B, and progressive rock. I think the song best represents the more pop-oriented side of our music. We believe it will resonate deeply with our audience. Valentina’s voice stands out throughout the whole piece singing with goosebumps intensity and once again highlighting her rapping approach in some parts. The ending with the entry of bass, drums, and distorted guitars is the culmination of the song’s climax.”

Rebel Priest | War Horse

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver’s pulse-pounding Rebel Priest want to tap into that adrenaline that is at the end of a shitty day or a shitty situation with their new single War Horse, off a yet-to-be-titled album set for release next year. It promises to be the wrecking ball to get you out of that funk and get those motors revving! Along with this deadly new tune, they are announcing an eight-stop tour in Japan this October. The band shares their enthusiasm for the truest vision of their signature trash ’n’ roll: “It’s gonna be the best song to light some new fires in “on the fencers” and the new generation of rock n rollers. It’s a singalong titan of a song full of teeth-gritting, fist-pounding primal aggression. It’s a statement without politics, it’s a feeling without emotions, it’s a way to move without moving. It’s the first taste of an amazing upcoming album.”

La Chinga | Ride The Dragon

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “La Chinga are a hard-rock power trio with psychedelic powers sitting on the world’s edge in Vancouver. Drawing from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, MC5, and their own superbad habits, they have established a beachhead with two albums on Detroit cult label Small Stone Records and a penetrating buzz across Canada. Their upcoming fourth album Primal Forces was written and recorded during the tumultuous times of riots, lockdowns and pandemic: A perfect ground for dystopian vibes to permeate the lyrics and album storyline. “The themes of love, sex, death, and hell in a handbasket, so why not go for it and go out with a bang are what drive this album to new territory for us,” says the band. The rock ‘n’ roll is heavy, the riffs are flying and so are La Chinga. Madness, frustration, joy, terror and ecstasy all mingle in a rip-roaring fusion of electric hooks, hip-swaying grooves and choruses to be sung along til the world collapses!”

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