Bad Skin Campaign Against Clowns For President

The grunge-rockers rage against control and conformity in their defiant new single.


Bad Skin take a stand against government bozos with their new single and video Clowns For President — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Flipping a middle finger to control, constraint and conformity against a backdrop of grunge-infused rock intensity, the powerhouse anthem of defiance and solidarity is the latest single from the Quebec band’s recent sophomore EP Live Fast Die Punk.

For Dope (vocals, rhythm guitar), Caro (lead guitar), Aurély (bass) and Christine (drums), the idea behind the track came from real-life anecdotes of friends forced into situations where they felt incapable of saying no. “We wanted to share with our fans that it’s okay to say ‘no’, even when it’s not easy,” say Bad Skin. “Of course with everything going on right now with the COVID situation, we had to pursue that idea at its largest!”

Clowns For President is accompanied by a video that’s just as gritty, dark, and relentlessly aggressive as the song. “For this video, we went completely in another direction from our past videos,” the band explain. “It’s darker and more serious but still with our Bad Skin touch. The video was shot in half of a day and we added actors for the first time. Such an amazing experience!”

As the group continue to issue singles from Live Fast Die Punk, they are also gearing up for a slew of 2022 dates, including a U.K. tour this coming July.

Watch Clowns For President above, hear more from Bad Skin below, and keep up with them at their website, Facebook and Instagram.