Tess Anderson | Self-Control: Exclusive Premiere

The singer offers a smouldering alt-pop confession laced with desperate obsession.


Tess Anderson admits she has no Self-Control around you in seductive and slinky her new single and lyric video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A smouldering alt-pop confession dripping with desperate obsession — and turbocharged with thundering indie-rock drums and blazing guitars in its soul-baring chorus — the Vancouver singer-songwriter’s latest single stays true to her artistic credo: Throw away the expectations and just make music that feels good.

It’s the sentiment Anderson has chosen to live by recently, and it’s clearly paying big dividends. Allowing vulnerability and authenticity to be at the forefront of everything she does, Tess captivates audiences with candidly interactive performances. After spending the last year in the studio refining her sound, 2023 marks the start of a brand new era for her.

Photo by Ezra Tsai.

Combining the familiar gloss of pop with the heavy grit of alternative-rock, she is finally stepping into her power fronting an impressively versatile quintet. Pulling inspiration everywhere from old-school jazz standards to modern pop, her sound is heavily driven by her unmistakable voice.

Growing up in Victoria, Tess’s entry into the music industry began at the rookie age of 12. Training as a vocalist and pianist, she began songwriting as a form of self-expression, finding numerous performance opportunities. By 15 she had recorded and released a self-produced seven-song album (under a different alias), quickly followed by her first sold-out show and national radio play. Moving to Vancouver in 2016 to pursue her career, she received a diploma in songwriting, audio engineering, and music production. Tess signed her first record deal at 2019, was a finalist in the 2020 Canadian Songwriter Challenge, received a 2021 Amplify BC Grant for her upcoming project, and has build an impressive catalogue of original material.

Check out Self-Control above, hear more from Tess Anderson below, and keep up with her on her website, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.


Photo by Ezra Tsai.
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