Ela Rexha Won’t Answer Your Night Calls

The pop singer-songwriter preaches self-respect in her empowering new single.


Ela Rexha ignores your Night Calls in her new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest from the effortlessly confident pop singer-songwriter starts with an immediate energy thanks to the grooving electric guitar loop that is present throughout the song. Once we get punchy kicks and crisp claps cutting through the mix, this energy is dialled up to eleven, with Ela echoing this vibe with her catchy vocal performance shining in this track. We are led into the chorus with dynamic hi-hats that bring everything together, adding a heavy 808 bass to solidify this track as a bold, vibrant banger.

Ela shares: “My music is inspired by my own life. So it’s a song about female self-respect and the enjoyment of saying no. Take it easy, be unavailable, stand on your own feet, be happy on your own.”

Ela started piano at the young age of five — and was singing and dancing at age three — so music was a big part of her early upbringing, sparking a passion that has not wavered since. The German-born singer/songwriter spent her childhood taking every chance she got to perform, whether it was in a choir, playing lead roles in musicals to even playing the violin in the orchestra.

Ela’s parents are also active members of the Albanian music community, with her father being a very successful music producer in Kosovo. This helped to cement the artist’s goal of ending up in the industry, witnessing her father organising concerts, events and television shows.

Watch the video for Night Calls above, check out the single below and follow Ela Rexha on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


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