NickiVibes Struggles With Anxiety In The Brain

The singer-songwriter and rapper shares her personal experiences in her debut.

NickiVibes copes with Anxiety In The Brain in her debut single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A deeply emotional track, Anxiety In The Brain takes the singer’s own experiences and shares them with the world. The scene is set with sparkling piano melodies, with the drums coming in with rattly hi-hats and warm kick drums that pairs well with the bass guitar. Nicki’s vocal performance is heartfelt and passionate, you can hear the deep connection with the well-written lyricism.

“My music is what helps me release how I feel at that moment, and anything that I have gone through in my life and situations I’ve dealt with and fought through,” Nicki says. “The lyrics I write are my diary and what I deal with daily. I wrote Anxiety In The Brain because it details my own experiences dealing with anxiety, but I also hope that others who are experiencing the same things can relate to the song and find comfort in the track by realising they are not alone.”

‘No One Should Suffer In Silence’ is Nicki’s mantra, and she hopes the song will resonate with people who suffer from mental health issues on a daily basis. She continues: “The message I want people to get from my song is one of hope. For some people just getting out of bed and making a cup of tea is an achievement in itself. Some people don’t talk or can’t talk about how they’re feeling, but these people need to realize they are not alone. Talk to people about how you’re feeling, take it step by step and rebuild what you feel you are losing or have lost. You will get there with help from others and by talking.”

NickiVibes is a singer, songwriter and rapper from Sussex. Her passion for music started early through her Nan, who used to record all the old musicals for her on video, and regularly take her to the theatre. The artist then started writing her own songs in her 20s. At school, she struggled due to bullying, which unfortunately led to PTSD and anxiety. To help others going through the same experiences, all proceeds from Anxiety In The Brain will go to Heads On, the official charity of the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

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