The World Famous Cope With Everyday Fear

The L.A. pop-rockers share another preview of their upcoming LP Totally Famous.

The World Famous struggle with their Everyday Fear in their new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of the L.A. pop-rock outfit’s Oct. 13 full-length release Totally Famous, Everyday Fear perhaps most clearly demonstrates the breadth of songwriting talent on display with the LP. There’s a breezy-yet-prominent sense throughout that this song has been through filter after filter; that these songwriters rejected more ideas than they accept, forging something multifaceted and special. The result is layered but light, featuring three guitars weaving and bouncing around each other; it’s complex but never feels that way, and there are lots of treats and flourishes hidden throughout for any listener willing to lend a shred of attention to the earworm melodies that abound.

Photo by Maia Saavedra.

Lyrically, singer Will Harris tackles the experience of being bummed out in Los Angeles following a failed relationship and a number of musical false starts. Ultimately, though, the track is looking through a wider lens at love, aging, and the feeling of being in a new city that you don’t yet understand — and perhaps aren’t yet willing to.

Other hardships the band wade through on Totally Famous include visiting a psychic on the side of the highway; pawning a guitar for beer and gas money, over and over again; aging into your 30s and acknowledging slyly all those you’ve left behind — and those who’ve left you behind. Thankfully, The World Famous also winkingly acknowledge that things aren’t as bad as they might seem — and maybe never are.

Check out Everyday Fear above, hear more from The World Famous below and follow them on Instagram.


Photo by Maia Saavedra.