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Israel’s Psycho Ward Fest Returns For Third Year With An Insane Lineup

Dime the volume and blast your way through all 11 bands on the Oct. 7 bill.


Israel’s biggest metal festival — Psycho Ward Festival by Vladislav Mazourenko — returns for the third time on Oct. 7, with a crazy lineup that includes 11 (!!!) bands, in an event about the purity of the Israeli metalcore scene.

In addition to the very fine arsenal of bands that they managed to assemble, the production is preparing an event that will set the bar of expectations very high, with a stage that has not yet been seen at festivals in Israel, pyrotechnics, merch stands from the bands and alternative stores, rest areas, photographers, food stands, coverage from the biggest metal magazines in Israel and a whole team that will make sure to create a “psychic” atmosphere befitting the name of the event and a considerable number of surprises from the bands themselves!

Get tickets for Psycho Ward Festival HERE, get more information at the festival’s Facebook page, and check out the lineup below:


Canine // Metalcore

The band was formed in 2009 by Eliav Torjman in Modiin, Israel while he was going through high school. Over the years, they have released one EP and a full-length album, and become one of the most famous core bands in Israel.

The Fading // Melodic Death Metal

Founded in 2000 by lead vocalist Ilia Badrov (under the name Excessum), The Fading are a melodic death/ modern death metal band based in Israel and Florida. In August 2008, the band played the Wacken Metal Battle at Wacken Open Air Festival and won 1st place which granted them an international record deal with Wacken Records, sponsorship deals and offers to play different festivals across Europe. They have played with bands like In Flames, Five Finger Death Punch, Bring Me The Horizon, Arch Enemy and many others. They have released two full-length albums and many singles.

Matricide // Groove Metal

Formed in 2003 by Auria Sapir and Shahar Guy, Matricide are an eclectic band influenced by various elements within the heavy metal genre — combining the speed and aggression of death metal, the attitude and aesthetics of hardcore and the powerful groove and epic melodies you would hear within nu-metal. The band have released one EP, one album and four singles that have received great reviews from magazines all over the world.

Eternal Struggle // Hardcore

Eternal Struggle are known for their aggressive, interactive and high-energy performances that fuse elements from both worlds of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Socially, they are always fighting the good fight, bringing different music communities together over PMA ethics and hard-hitting, in-your-face, groove-ridden songs. 2021 saw the release of their debut full-length record Year Of The Gun. Produced by Brian ‘Mitts’ Daniels (Madball, Skarhead), it contains 13 lethal-bomb tracks and features a surprisingly fitting bonus remix from Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot).

Cyclops // Djent

Cyclops might be the Israeli djent scene’s most distinct representative. Having released two albums and an EP, one of the busiest bands in Israel continues to march forward. Cyclops create music that’s chaotic, sophisticated and aggressive.

Her Last Sight // Metalcore

Her Last Sight are a five-piece Israeli metalcore band from Tel Aviv. The band formed in 2019 from a collection of passionate musicians who met through their local scene. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses melodic choruses and crushing breakdowns influenced by bands such as August Burns Red, Bullet For My Valentine and As I Lay Dying, with a fun and energetic live show that will make you want to scream your lungs out. The band released their debut album Mirrors at the beginning of 2021. It been streamed more than a million times and was called the best Israeli metalcore album of the last 20 years by Metalist Magazine.

Revision The Dream // Metalcore/Djent

Revision The Dream are a metalcore/djent quintet in Tel Aviv. They were formed in 2018 by guitarists Simon and Yam. They draw their unique writing style from bands like Erra, Intervals and Oceans Ate Alaska. Their music contains everything from progressive guitar riffs to bone-crushing breakdowns, catchy choruses, and even electro-music nuances, making their style special and versatile. Their debut EP Desiderata — released in 2020 — raised the bar for quality music in the Israeli metal scene. In the last year, they have released five singles from their debut full-length Transparency, which saw light in July and is available across all major streaming platforms.

BRCDS // Metalcore

Formed under the name Barricades, after several line-up changes and spelling changes, BRCDS released their debut album Radiant Gray at the end of 2022. The band revive the golden age of metalcore and deliver heavy breaks and catchy choruses that stick in your head long after the show.

Stained With Silver // Modern Metalcore

A unique band from Tel Aviv, Stained With Silver combine electronic and synth instruments with a complex texture of metalcore, deathcore and djent — delivering a heavy, hard-hitting sound fit for the new millennium! After releasing their hit single Apart last year, the band return with Kingdom, the first single from of their upcoming debut album.

Persephore // Emo Modern Metalcore

Persephore are an emo / modern metalcore band located in central Israel. Their goal is to bring a new look to the face of the global metal-core scene. Their music combines the power of gut-wrenching breakdowns and your most beloved, tear-jerking, life-changing, make-you-want-to-start-singing-from-the-top-of-your-lungs-in-the-middle-of-the-bus choruses.

Last To Die // Modern Metal

Last To Die are a hardcore / beatdown band from Israel. They formed in 2019 and have releaesed three singles and have a new EP dropping soon.

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