King No-One Can’t Help But Feel Strange

The Leeds rockers try to make sense of things — and come up short.


King No-One are out of step with the world in their new single I Feel Strange — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest high-energy, well-penned, emotional and eclectic single from the emerging U.K. indie-rockers, I Feel Strange is an anthem for anyone who’s overwhelmed by the weird way the world functions and trying to come to terms with these emotions. Lead singer Zach Lount delivers an intense performance that captures the sporadic thoughts feeding into the subject matter. Instrumentally, we have forceful, punchy drums, gritty, aggressive guitars and a driving bassline that will all have you jumping out of your seat by the chorus.

I Feel Strange was written whilst I was at a real crossroad, when I took an abstract view on life,” Lount says. “Like why we pay £x a month to live in a concrete cage in a city centre full of others in tiny spaces, or being mugged on your doorstep, or all of a sudden massive corporations have LGBTQ+ branding for a week a year, or oil allowing neoliberalism to construct our society whilst being the death of the natural world… or the fact Neville from Harry Potter became insanely handsome. Then I just had to think, well — this is the world, this is humanity and I’m here now. I’ll stick around.”

King No-One root themselves in philosophy, aiming to find the answers to the questions life throws at them. Hailing from Leeds, Lount and guitarist Joe Martin saw a childhood friendship flourish into a musical partnership, with the duo adding drummer James Basile and bassist Rob Gration to create the four-piece in the years since.

Releasing music since 2015, the band have seen notability across their discography, especially in their two EP’s, 2019’s Out Of My Mind and 2023’s The Dead Hotel. Pop-rock riffs and stadium filling hooks are woven into the band’s sound. This atmosphere only expands when put into a live setting, with King No-One establishing themselves as incredible touring artists with memorable and engaging shows. Dynamic songwriting and performances have led to a significant fanbase, shown through their success in England and Europe in the touring space.

Check out I Feel Strange above, sample more from King No-One below, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.


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