Next Week in Music | Aug. 21-27 • The Long List: 375+ Releases On The Way

All the new music heading for your playlist in the next seven days — and more.


Seven years ago today, on Aug. 20, 2016, Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip played their final show, wrapping up their Man Machine Poem tour and their career with a sold-out — and nationally broadcast — concert in their home town of Kingston. Get out the tissues and push play above to relive the whole emotional event while you peruse this list of the 375-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



Zak Abel | Love Over Fear
Acidgvrl | Summers In Japan Vol. 3: On The Run
Adams & Costello | One By ONe
A Giant Dog | Bite
Phil Aiken | Here Goes Nothing
AI | Respect All
All-American Rejects | All-American Rejects Reissue
Jon Allen | A Heightened Sense of Everything
Keturah Allgood | Shine
Almondmilkhunni | Enjoy The Ride: Pt. 1
Ameliorate | Master, Master!
America Jayne | Shove It
Anastacia | Now Or Never
Androp | Gravity
Anti-God Hand | Blight Year
Raymond Antrobus | An Investigator of Missing Sounds
Kioto Aoki | Paper, Not Plastic
Arizona | Hanging On
The Armed | Perfect Saviors
Ashnikko | Weedkiller
Asia Menor | Enola Gay
Asking Alexandra | Where Do We Go From Here?
Asphodelus | Sculpting From Time
The Astronauts | LP
Atarayo | Kiokunohako
Atoll | Human Extract
Augurium | Unearthly Will
Autumn! | Midnight Club Single
Iggy Azalea | Money Come Single
Babe, Terror | Teghnojoyg
Titi Baborta | Molende
Baby Gravy | Baby Gravy 3
Baker | Unfixed EP
Titi Bakorta | Molende
Ballyhoo! | Shellshock
Ori Barel | Alkaline River
Barker | Unfixed
Basic Rhythm | A Midsummer Night’s Dream EP
Lisa Beat And The Liars | Sheena Is a Beat Rocker EP
The Belair Lip Bombs | Lush Life
Jacob Bellens | Glad You Came
Besvärjelsen | Atlas
Between Friends | I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy
Be Your Own Pet | Mommy
Birds of Play | Birdsongs of the American West
Blacklite District | Just So You Know XL
BlackPink | The Girls
Blut Aus Nord | ​Disharmonium – Nahab
Roselit Bone | Ofrenda
Boogieman and Samito | The Boogieman and Samito Mixtape
Born In Blood | Can’t Save Us All
Bottomless | The Banishing
Jaimie Branch | Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die (World War)
Broken Record | Nothing Moves Me
Zach Bryan | Zach Bryan
Burna Boy | I Told Them…
Butterfly Black | Butterfly Black EP
Camille | Magie
Candlebox | The Long Goodbye
Charlotte Cardin | 99 Nights
The Casanovas | Backseat Rhythms
Catatonia | Make Hay Not War: The Blanco y Negro Years
The Cat Empire | Where The Angels Fall
Celestial Sanctuary | Insatiable Thirst For Torment
Cent | Per →Cent →Age
Cinnamon Babe | Fatherless
Cinthie | Bossa and Swing EP
Scott Clark | Dawn & Dusk
Clementine Valentine | The Coin that Broke the Fountain Floor
Ora Cogan | Formless
Colored Lights | Colored Lights
Common Kings | Celebration
Concrete Castles | Brand New Me
Alice Cooper | Road
Henry Courgette | Pram
The Cowboys | Sultan of Squat
Crooks & Nannies | Real Life
CybercrashersTV | Detransitioned
Miley Cyrus | Used To Be Young Single
Dadba | Yonder EP
Daedric | Mortal
Carsten Dahl | The Solo Songs of Keith Jarrett
Danger Mouse and Jemini | Born Again
Yousef Dave | #PoemsWithYousef, Pt. 3
Betty Davis | Crashin’ From Passion Reissue
Betty Davis | Betty Davis Reissue
Betty Davis | Is It Love or Desire? Reissue
Betty Davis | They Say I’m Different Reissue
The Death Wheelers | Chaos And The Art Of Motorcycle Madness
Destroyer 666 | To the Devil His Due
Dethklok | Dethalbum IV
Rubim de Toledo | The Drip
Joey Diabolic | Just Drive
Digga D | Back To Square One
Dismember | Indecent & Obscene Reissue
Dismember | Like an Everflowing Stream Reissue
Gareth Donkin | Welcome Home
Don’t Panic | Setting Up To Fail
Drab Majesty | An Object in Motion
Dream | Whoever Wants To Hear EP
Patrick Droney | Subtitles For Feelings
D2x | Hotel 1105
Mary Jane Dunphe | Stage Of Love
Open Mike Eagle | Another Triumph of Ghetto Engineering
Electrolytes | Ultralyte
Emeralds | Does It Look Like I’m Here?
Essential Forever | Essential Forever
Euglossine | Bug Planet Is the Current Timeline
Bill Evans Trio | Sunday at the Village Vanguard Reissue
Everything Everything | Man Alive Deluxe
Exciting!!Excellent!! | You Will Watch Me Die
Existent / Nonexistent | Gehenna
Famous Dex | Dexterity
Fat Nick | Hello I’m Vulnerable
Fat Tony & Taydex | Will Make A Baby In This Damn Economy
Film School | Field
Filter | The Algorithm
Sherry Finzer | The Gratitude Project
Flypaper | Big Nada EP
Da Flyy Hooligan & Kong The Artisan | FOMA
Foul Mouth | Rhinestone Limousine
Fridayy | Fridayy
Fred Frith And Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles | Something About This Landscape For Ensemble
Daði Freyr | I’m Making An Album
Galun | Glagol
Galxara | You Are What You Eat
Ruth Garbus | Alive People
Marvin Gaye | Let’s Get It On Deluxe Edition
Hannah Georgas | I’d Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Care
Bebel Gilberto | João
LP Giobbi | Light Places Deluxe Edition
Girls Chat Room | Sleep Mask
Godcollider | Unhallowed Blasphemies
Selena Gomez | Single Soon Single
Cameron Graham | Becoming a Beach Angel
Grain | We’ll Hide Away: Complete Recordings 1993-1995
Grandaddy | Sumday: Excess Baggage
Liam Grant | Amoskeag EP
Grand Cadaver | Deities Of Deathlike Sleep
Conan Gray | Winner
Groove Chronicles | Notice Me VIP VIP 2step Mix EP
Guji 咕叽 | Round Eye
The Gypsy Moths | Sounds On
Bruce Haack | Captain Entropy Reissue
Handsome Ghost | Handsome Ghost
Harmony | Dystopia Girl EP
The Hatch Expansion | Texas Edition
Willie J Healey | Bunny
Helicopter Leaves | Get Stuck In
Hemlocke Springs | Enknee1
Heretic | Drugging For M Reissue
Heretic | Escape Sequence Reissue
Heretic | Live | Kyoto ’85 and Tokyo ’88 Reissue
Heretic | Interface Reissue
Heretic | Past In Future Reissue
Heretic | 1984 -1988 Reissue
Heretic | Yayoi Dream Reissue
Hey Colossus | In Blood
Joshua Hill and Micaela Tobin | Tent Music
Hiss Golden Messenger | Jump For Joy
Holding Absence | The Noble Art of Self Destruction
Hot Milk | A Call To The Void
Marc Hudson | Starbound Stories
Hüsker Dü | Tonite Longhorn Digital Release
Incantation | Unholy Deification
IndigoChildRick | Sleeping With Jeans On
Ari B. Ingber | Moon Phases EP
Islands | And That’s Why Dolphins Lost Their Legs
Jaboukie | All Who Can’t Hear Must Feel
Kibi James | Delusions
Dinah Jane | Ya Ya
Emily Jeffri | Soundtrack For An ’80s Horror Movie
Mason Jennings | Under the Roses
Joeydiabolic | Just Drive
Juliette | Ciclone
Kaido | Toler
Hiro Kawahara and Peter Frohmader | Hiro Kawahara and Peter Frohmader
Hiro Kawahara / Heretic | Requiem Extended Version
Nora Kelly Band | Rodeo Clown
Kenautis Smith & Sense | Wonderful Ones
The Kennedys | Headwinds
Khalab | Layers
Killseph | Broken Bonds
Knife | Heaven Into Dust
Ko Aka Koala | Taurus
Dreddy Kruger | Dreddy Kruger Live
Anish Kumar | A Mixtape by Anish Kumar
Kyra | Here I Am , I Always Am
Laeland | Look At The Mess We Made
Lapgan | History
Pascal Le Boeuf | Ritual Being
Corey Ledet Zydeco | Médikamen
Lef | Smooth Transition
Liars | Wixiw Recyled Vinyl Reissue
Gareth Liddiard | Strange Tourist Reissue
Lil Uzi Vert | Barter 16
Little Skull | A Wayside Shrine
Local Psycho & The Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra | The Hurdy​-​Gurdy Song Remixes
Harold López-Nussa | Timba A La Americana
Louta | Diamante
Love Sex Machine | Love Sex Machine
Lowheaven | Collapse EP
Lucky Thief | DIY
Das Lumpenjack | Wach
Lutalo | Again EP
Lunar | Re:21XX
Madilyn | Hollywood Dead
Mad Myth Science | Mad Myth Science
The Maghreban | All of UUU
M.A.G.S. | Destroyer
Mal | Come To Light
Maluma | Don Juan
Abe Mamet and Acoustic Ensemble | The Thing We Fought For
Becca Mancari | Left Hand
DJ Manny | Control EP
Marseille | This Dream Of Mine
Matiskater | Odnowa
Martina McBride | The Time Has Come / The Way That I Am / Wild Angels / Evolution
Tim McGraw | Standing Room Only
Nellie McKay | Hey Guys, Watch This
Buck Meek | Haunted Mountain
Sophie Meiers | Spark__Space
Memoosh | Livetape: Bristol, April 2022
MGR | Shipping Gold
Myst Milano | Beyond The Uncanny Valley
Mind Electric | Vital Signs
Derek Minor | Nobody’s Perfect
Mipso | Book of Fools
Missio | I Am High EP
Monasteries | Ominous
Victoria Monét | Jaguar II
The Monoxides | Galaxy Of Stooges Vinyl Reissue
Moon Coven | Sun King
Georgia Mooney | Full of Moon
Alanis Morissette | The Collection Vinyl Reissue
Kendra Morris | I Am What I’m Waiting For
Mark Mothersbaugh | Vacation Friends 2 Soundtrack
The Mountain Goats | The Jordan Lake Sessions: Volumes 1 & 2 Vinyl
DJ Muggs | Soul Assassins 3: Death Valley
Muma Ganoush | Tub EP
MxPx | Find A Way Home
Nagat | Eyoung El Alb Reissue
Nahlith | D​-​BLK010
Neptune’s Core | Called Upon EP
The New Atlas | To The Top
Nightly | Wear Your Heart Out
Nikshoww | The New Xotica
Nixil | From The Wound Spilled Forth Fire
Nogizaka46 | Ohitorisama Tengoku Special Edition
Non Plus Temps | Dark On Harmon
Nookie & Ruth Royall | Hero / We Shall Overcome
Nordicwinter | This Mournful Dawn
Not Marshall | Confusion Is The Key
Nymphlord | Mothers Cry And Then We Die EP
Ashton Nyte | Autum’s Children
((( O ))) | ((( 4 )))
The Ocean Blue | Davy Jones’ Locker Reissue
Old Crow Medicine Show | Jubilee
Joey O’Neil | Phantom Vibes
Ki Oni | A Leisurely Swim To Everlasting Life
OoF! | Na, Wie War Ich?
Opensight | Mondo Fiction: The Director’s Cut
Our Broken Garden | Blind
Ovef Ow | Vs. the Worm
Pale Blue Eyes | This House
Pash | Skylight
Hery Paz | Jardineros (ft. Rom​á​n D​í​az & Francisco Mela)
PeruPines | #1
Phantasy Sound | A Psychedelic Sensibility II: The Remixes
Phish | Aug. 25, 2023 – Broadview Stage at SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY
Phish | Aug. 26, 2023 – Broadview Stage at SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY
Pity Party | Sick Sad World Survival Guide EP
Plave | Asterum: The Shape of Things to Come
Pleasure Forever | Distal
Julek Ploski | Hotel *​*​*​*​*
Plume Girl | In the End We Begin
Awadagin Pratt | Stillpoint
Prewn | Through The Window
Prince Josh | Moth
Prison | Upstate
Sun Ra and Various Artists | A Celebration of Sun Ra’s Poetry
Erin Rae | Lighten Up & Try: Live & From The Heart
Ratboys | The Window
Emma Rawicz | Chroma
Raw Poetic | Away Back In (ft. Damu the Fudgemunk)
Lisa Reagan | What We Need Is Here
Rebounder | Sundress Songs EP
Reginald | Operation G
Ben Reilly | Not Your Hero 4 Hire
R.E.M. | Accelerate Vinyl Reissue
R.E.M. | Reveal Vinyl Reissue
Jane Remover | Lips
Markus Reuter | Stream for Consciousness Vol. 2
Claire Richards | Euphoria
Des Rocs | Dream Machine
Olivia Rodrigo | Get Him Back! Single
Ronia | Metaphoren
Rya | Show Off Single
Saccades | Land Of The Hearth
Säje | Säje
Robin Schulz | Pink
Sea Lemon | Stop At Nothing EP
Seventeen | Always Yours
William Shatner | Ponder The Mystery Revisited
Shepherds Reign | Ala Mai
Derek Sherinian and Simon Phillips | Inertia (Live 2022)
Silent Planet | Collider
Simple Minded Symphony | Simple Minded Symphony
Sintage | Paralyzing Chains
Sisters | Leecheater
Skatman | Save Me EP
Slave To Society | Thrown To The Wolves
Sleepingfeverdream | Alone
Slow Day Coming | The Lost Tapes
Sonny & The Sunsets | Self Awareness Through Macrame
Southern Shores | Anyplace There Is EP
Luciana Souza & Trio Corrente | Cometa
Spanish Love Songs | No Joy
Spelling | Spelling & The Mystery School
Sid Sriram | Sidharth
Le Sserafim | Unforgiven Japanese Version
Amalie Stalheim & Christian Ihle Hadland | Stravinsky, Poulenc, Debussy
Stegosaurus | When We Were Small
Stik Figa & The Expert | The Forgotten
Stolen Byrds | Fam
Strawberry Runners | Strawberry Runners
String Noise Sounds | String Noise Sounds
Stygian Fair | Aradia
Sun’s Signature | Sun’s Signature Extended
John Surge and the Haymakers | Almost Time
Ta-ku | Songs To Come Home To
Telemarket | Ad Nauseam
Tempt | Tempt
Tenderlonious | You Know I Care
Terra Builder | Solar Temple
Carlos Thurler | Divided
Tophat | Tophat
TV Torrance | The Search For Bitches And A Job
Adri Torrón | De Mí Para Mí Single
Turnpike Troubadours | A Cat In The Rain
Shania Twain | Come On Over 25th Anniversary Edition
Uffie | Oopsie / Alchemy
UFO | Live In Vienna 1998
Ulysses | Recreational Genetics
The Unity | The Hellish Joyride
Unlike Pluto | Dizzy Bezerko
Vallis Alps | Cleave
Vandenberg | Sin
Vanner | Veni Vidi Vici
Vanstones | Cascadia
Various Artists | A Tribute To Rammstein
Various Artists | Best Of Pink Floyd
Various Artists | Heist Recordings: Best of Remixes
Various Artists | Mello Music Group: Omakase
Various Artists | More Halloween Nuggets: Haunted Underground Classics
Various Artists | Next Wave Acid Punx Deux
Various Artists | Omakase
Various Artists | Shorter Moments: Citizen Wayne
Various Artists | Spellbound: A Tribute To Siouxsie & The Banshees
Velvet Insane | High Heeled Monster
Velvet Starlings | Pacific Standard Time
The Velvet Underground | All Tomorrow’s Parties: The Velvet Underground Story by Koren Shadmi (Book)
Vendetta | Death Grip
Veritas | Silent Script
Fay Victor | Blackity Black Black Is Beautiful
Kurt Vile | Walkin On A Pretty Daze Vinyl Reissue
Stephen Vitiello | Soundtracks for Andrew Deutsch
Morgan Wade | Psychopath
Wandering Years | Mountain Laughed
The Waymores | Greener Pastures
Whisper Machine | With You
Amanda Whiting | Too Much (Kaidi Tatham Remix) Single
Who Is She? | Goddess Energy
Chip Wickham | Love & Life
Williams / Kleijn / Kassinger | Two or Three
Cindy Wilson | Realms
The Word Alive | Hard Reset
Wreckless Eric | Leisureland
Xzeannoonn | Common Room Soundstripe
Yeek | Future Reference
Yerin | Ready, Set, Love
Young Francis Hi Fi | The Young Generation
The Zasters | Hunting Season
Warren Zeiders | Pretty Little Poison
Zheani | The Spiritual Meat Grinder

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