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Albums Of The Week: Propter Hawk | Propter Hawk

If you dig vintage rock ’n’ soul, analog recording, Latin & bands with handles based on logical fallacies, the Toronto outfit's dynamite debut needs to be on your playlist.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Over the last year, there has been a growing disturbance detected in the Great White Borth that leading experts in the field have identified as Propter Hawk; a distinguished rock ’n’ roll outfit from Toronto.

Refusing to be outworked, Propter Hawk’s shadow has been growing exponentially and their self-titled debut album may just be the catalyst for a full eclipse. Boasting all of the constituents of a legendary rock record but upgraded with a finely honed contemporary edge, the album features 12 tracks that explore the nuances of cynicism, disparity, heartache and a menagerie of other themes, catapulting the listener into a new era of rock music.

In the interest of capturing the tones and vibrations that have become their signature sound, the group — Malorie Blake (vocals), Andrew Blake (rhythm guitar), Alec McEachern (lead guitar), Brian Derro (bass) and Jimmy Ruddock (drums) — rejected modern methods of production and went full analog. Under the guidance of Zeus members Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien of Toronto’s Pineship Sound, each track was recorded using vintage instruments captured on 1⁄2” analog tape. The album offers more than one could ask for — passionate vocals, dirty guitars, driving back beats, sweet harmonies and bold lyrics.

“We’ve been sitting on the album for a while, trying to build some hype at home before letting go of the reins,” says rhythm guitarist Blake. “The big question that we get all the time is ‘Where is the record?’ and we figured that it is time to let it drop.” Adds lead guitarist McEachern: “It’s exciting to finally get the songs out in the format that we wanted, as a collective rather than individual singles. We’re excited to let the cat out of the bag.”

Established in 2020, Propter Hawk mix influences and sounds from the likes of Humble Pie, The Beatles, The Band and Otis Redding — all tossed in a burning barrel at the dark end of an unmarked street. The quintet originally found each other via the broken shards of former bands and shady, desperate classified ads. Lifting themselves from tavern floors to the stage and brandishing a unique take on rock ’n’ roll and southern Ontario twang, the bandmates have cast a Propter Hawk-shaped silhouette over their hometown of Toronto with their previous three singles: Theatre Of The Whole World, Telephone and Clean Old-Fashioned Hate. Now the fiercely dedicated, experienced group of musician are ready to reveal the full picture of their distorted vision to the rest of the world.”


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