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Albums Of The Week: Glenda Collins: Baby It Hurts – The Holloway Road Sessions 1963-1966

Nope, I never heard of her before either. But this compilation of recordings the British vocalist made with legendary producer Joe Meek makes it clear we all should have.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Following a trio of singles for Decca, Glenda Collins found a musical home at the innovative but troubled producer Joe Meek’s legendary studio at 304 Holloway Rd., where the two produced eight brilliant singles together — alongside a large cache of material destined to remain unreleased until now.

Having acquired and restored the Tea Chest Tape archive, Cherry Red Records now present the first in-depth exploration of Glenda’s work, including alternate versions and session tracks from those eight singles and a wealth of previously unheard recordings. Featuring material for an abandoned collaboration album with The Riot Squad, many of Meek’s own home demos, backing tracks and guide vocals, Baby It Hurts showcases one of the great should-have-beens of Meek’s career, and one of the most remarkable voices he ever captured on tape.

Presented alongside detailed sleeve notes from the Joe Meek Society’s Craig Newton and a number of previously unseen images, including unique tape boxes and extremely rare acetates, this set is a must-hear for fans of ’60s pop, girl groups and Meek himself, whose brilliance and innovation shine through every track. Peppered with session outtakes, false starts, alternate vocals and studio chatter, this is an unprecedented insight into the working processes at 304 Holloway Rd. and one of the great production geniuses of his generation. It’s a remarkable treasure trove, and an essential piece of British pop history!”


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