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Rewinding 2019 | The Busiest Bodies

The best and the rest of the year's multi-tasker offerings.

Back in the ’60s and ’70s, bands routinely put out two and even three albums a year. Thankfully, there are still a few artists who remember those days — or who just need the money. Either way, I’m happy to salute their efforts to keep a steady supply of sounds coming down the pipe. Here are the artists who got busy in 2019:


Dan Auerbach

The Black Keys singer-guitarist not only reunited with drummer Patrick Carney for their first album in five years, but also found time to produce, pen songs and/or play on six other albums by bluesmen, country singers and rock bands. Now we know what the A in Type A personality really stands for. All hail his mighty output:

The Black Keys | ‘Let’s Rock’
Jimmy “Duck” Holmes | Cypress Grove
Leo “Bud” Welch | The Angels in Heaven Done Signed My Name
Dee White | Southern Gentleman
Night Beats | Myth Of A Man
Yola | Walk Through Fire
Kendell Marvel | Solid Gold Sounds


Alpha Chrome Yayo

I have no idea where this Irish retro-synth cinephile finds the time to write, record, produce and sell so much music — I’m just glad he does.

After Dinner Cigar
Cut Class | Hall Pass | Mall Dash Grangeweird w/ Danny Madigan In Time feat. Danny Madigan Kimonos at Christmas
Malediction Boulevard
Race Day: Breakfast in Daytona
Race Day: Cerberus 3000 (Killing Time)
Take My Advice

Brandi Carlile

The award-winning singer-songwriter began to branch out this year.

The Highwomen | The Highwomen (Performer, songwriter)
Loretta Lynn | While I’m Livin’ (Songwriter, co-producer)


Luther Dickinson

The veteran singer-guitarist balanced side projects with a new disc from his North Mississippi Allstars, co-starring brother Cody on drums.

North Mississippi Allstars | Up and Rolling (Performer, songwriter, producer)
Luther Dickinson & Sisters of the Strawberry Moon | Solstice (Performer, producer)
Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson With the Tennessee Valentines | Amour (Performer)

Weasel Walter

The composer and multi-instrumentalist revived his avant-garde band Flying Luttenbachers after a decade — and made up for lost time by releasing two albums during the year.

Flying Luttenbachers | Imminent Death (Performer, composer, mixer)
Flying Luttenbachers | Shattered Dimension (Performer, composer, mixer)

Noel Gallagher

The former (and let’s be honest, future) Oasis guitarist dropped three EPs instead of one album, but hey, it counts.

High Flying Birds | Black Star Dancing EP
High Flying Birds | This Is The Place EP
High Flying Birds | Wait & Return EP

Robert Pollard

Uncle Bob has long been one of the most prolific men in indie-rock. This year was no different.

Guided By Voices | Warp and Woof
Guided By Voices | Sweating the Plague
Guided By Voices | Zeppelin Over China
Cash Rivers & The Sinners | Loose Shoes
Robert Pollard | Kid Marine Reissue
Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard | Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department Reissue

Juliana Hatfield

The Boston singer-guitarist told me she wants to release one album of covers and one disc of original songs every year. Fine by me.

Juliana Hatfield | Juliana Hatfield Sings The Police
Juliana Hatfield | Weird


Soundwalk Collective With Patti Smith

The punk poet laureate and the the experimental duo delivered two-thirds of an album trilogy.

Soundwalk Collective With Patti Smith | Mummer Love
Soundwalk Collective With Patti Smith | The Peyote Dance


Luther Russell

The veteran singer-guitarist released his latest album and reteamed with Big Star’s Jody Stephens for the sophomore set from their super-duo.

Luther Russell | Medium Cool
Those Pretty Wrongs | Zed For Zulu (Performer, songwriter)


Jeff Tweedy

Wilco’s frontman delivered on all fronts with a new band disc, a solo album and production work for a Canadian roots duo.

Wilco | Ode To Joy (Performer, songwriter, co-producer)
Jeff Tweedy | Warmer (Performer, songwriter, producer)
Kacy & Clayton | Carrying On (Producer)