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Next Week in Music | July 31 – Aug. 6 • The Long List: 260+ Releases On The Way

All the new albums, EPs, singles, compiations, soundtracks & more headed your way.

Happy 65th birthday to the one and only Kate Bush. If you didn’t get her anything, don’t sweat it — she actually got her present a year ago when Stranger Things gave her another massive payday for Running Up That Hill. And while we’re at it, happy 66th birthday to Damned drummer Rat Scabies, happy 79th to reggae star Jimmy Cliff and happy 87th to blues singer and guitar hero Buddy Guy. While you crank their tunes for your Sunday enjoyment, take a run through this list of the 260-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week:



ABC | The Lexicon Of Love 40th Anniversary Edition
Abel | Leave You Hanging
Acidgvrl | I Wish Murder Was Legal
Activity | Spirit in the Room
Adam And The Metal Hawks | Hurry Up and Waits
Alice Does Computer Music | Shoegaze 5G
Alluvial Fans | Warm Spells
Almondmilkhunni | Playlist Single
Joe Alterman | Solo Joe: Songs You Know
Emil Amos | Zone Black
Art School Girlfriend | Soft Landing
Ashywuff! | Bad Dog Deluxe
Aubs Eternal | Xenia Ohio. Xenia Ohio.
An Autumn For Crippled Children | Closure
Alexandros Anesiadis | Heroes Of The Metal Underground Book
Any Given Sin | War Within
Approaching Mountains | Ley
A Produce | Land Of A Thousand Trances Reissue
Architect Of Dissonance | Totenkvlt
Atmosphere | Sad Clown Bad Dub 2
Balrogath | We Bring Calamity
Bambara | Swarm Remixed & Remastered
Bambii | Infinity Club EP
Bathe Alone | Fall With The Lights Down
BB Girls | One More Time
Beef | Beef
Belbury Poly | The Path
Besta | Terra Em Desapego
Kwon Eun Bi | The Flash
Big Red Fire Truck | Trouble In Paradise
Bile Sister | Living On The Edge
Blight House | Blight the Way
Ben Blue | What Could’ve Been
Rachel Bobbitt | The Half We Still Have EP
Beth Bombara | It All Goes Up
The Boyz | Phantasy Pt. 1 Christmas in August
Mike Buhl | Modern Explorer EP
By Storm | Double Trio
Candy Claws | Ceres & Calypso In The Deep Time Vinyl Reissue
Cato | To The Grave
Dolph Chaney | Mr. Eli Single
Chemtrails | Love in Toxic Wasteland / Headless Pin Up Girl Reissue
Cherubs | Heroin Man Reissue
Cherubs | Icing 30th Anniversary +1 Edition
Cherubs | 2 Ynfynty Reissue
Bennett Coast | Where Are You Going?
Coileight | Testreleaseone
Colon Cancer | The Last Chief Keefian
Computerwife | Computerwife
Cowboy Junkies | Lay it Down Vinyl Reissue
Cowgirl Clue | Rodeo Star
Marion Craft | Homecourt Advantage, Vol. 2
The Crawling | All Of This For Nothing
Sarah Crean | Death By Laundry EP
Crypta | Shades Of Sorrow
Current Joys | Love + Pop
Cyanide Pills | Soundtrack To The New Cold War
Daedelus | Xenopocene
Darknet | Darknet 2
Nilotpal Das & Bios Contrast | Harmonium I
Mikaela Davis | And Southern Star
DC The Don | Tell Shyanne (ft. Iayze) Single
DeadSeraphin | Fall Away
Dedalus | Performing Brian Eno: Discreet Music​/​Music for Airports​/​Thursday Afternoon
Ariana Delawari | I Will Remember
Depeche Mode | Sounds Of The Universe: The 12″ Singles
Didirri | Caught In The Act
Dippers | Clastic Rock
DJs Di Guetto | DJs Di Guetto
Dot | Future Shock
Adam Badí Donoval | Sometimes Life Is Hard And So We Should Help Each Other
Double Wish | Light Split Sparkle Expanded Edition
Cian Ducrot | Victory
Dun Ringill | Where The Old Gods Play Act 1
Tan Dun | Buddha Passion
Dylan | Liar Liar (ft. Bastille) Single
Tom Eaton | Weathering
Sha EK & Bandmanrill | Defiant Presents: Jiggy In Jersey (ft. MCVertt)
Ian Elms | Good Night Reissue
E.M.B.E.E. | Birthday Pack 2
Sertab Erener | Lullabies Spreading Goodness
Chris Farren | Doom Singer
Fibril | The Rot
Flaer | Preludes
Florry | The Holey Bible
Fly Over States | Anti-Aircraft
Daði Freyr | I’m Making An Album
The Front Bottoms | You Are Who You Hang Out With
Fun Boy Three | The Complete Fun Boy Three
Gaadge | Somewhere Down Below
Cole Gallagher | The Confluence EP
Jerry Garcia | Might As Well: A Round Records Retrospective
General Public | All The Rage Vinyl Reissue
General Public | Hand To Mouth Vinyl Reissue
Vince Gill and Paul Franklin | Sweet Memories: The Music of Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys
Girl Ray | Prestige
Delta Goodrem | Back to Your Heart
Felipe Gordon | Errare Humanum Est
Grateful Dead | Dick’s Picks Vol. 1: Tampa, Florida 12/19/73 Remastered
Stephen M. Green | There’s No Time To Be Patient
Grnhll | Becoming the Distance
Gustil | Along the Way
Half Human | Intelligent Design
Hallucinate | From the Bowels of the Earth
Annie Hart | The Weight Of A Wave
Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers | Pursuit of Wonder
Hiatt dB | 11pm – ‘Til
High On Fire | The Art of Self Defense Remixed​/​Remastered
Holy Wave | Five Of Cups
Homeboy Sandman | Rich
Humanity’s Last Breath | Ashen
Hunter & Wolf | I Deserve This
Rick Hyde | Lupara
I Am A Rocketship | La Cruella
Iceboy Violet | Not A Dream But A Controlled Explosion
Indie Tribe | Lowblow
Interstitia | Owl Of Minerva
Jaydii & Miles Hadley | Tippy Toe
The Jesus And Mary Chain | Sunset 666 (Live At Hollywood Palladium)
Jordi | Sorry I’m Late
Miles Kane | One Man Band
King Calaway | Tennessee’s Waiting
Levelboy | Piss Aura
Gregory Lewis | Organ Monk Going Home
Lil Shine | Lovesick
Henrik Lindstrand | The Transformer Session EP
Andra Ljos | Megalithic Statues of Vishapakar
Local H | The No Fun EP Reissue
Local Suicide & Skelesys | In Space We Roam
Loman | Home (Club Remix) Single
Dymna Lotva | З​я​м​л​я П​а​д Ч​о​р​н​ы​м​і К​р​ы​л​а​м​і​: К​р​о​ў (The Land Under The Black Wings: Blood)
Luna | The Days of Our Nights Reissue
Madder Rose | No One Gets Hurt Ever
M.A.G.S. | Destroyer
The Maine | The Maine
Malneezy | Rubber Deer
Mamamoo+ | Two Rabbits
Mammoth WVH | Mammoth II
Marden Hill | Blown Away
Bob Marley & The Wailers | Africa Unite
Iker Ormazabal Martínez | Unlimited Dream Company
Matty Marz | M.W.U. Single
Reg Mason | Testdrive
William Matheny | That Grand Old Feeling
Matisa | Tongue
Nathan Micay | To The God Named Dream
Midwxst | Warning
Monk | Rock EP
Lee Morgan | Infinity Reissue
Moundabout | An Cnoc M​ó​r
Move BHC | Black Radical Love
Andy Murphy & Gaz Kempster | House Is The Religion
Sana Nagano, Leonor Falcón | Peach and Tomato
Nao | Balance
N-Dubz | Timeless
Willie Nelson | Teatro Vinyl Reissue
The New Atlas | One Way
Moray Newlands | Your Life Work
Svitlana Nianio | Transilvania Smile, 1994
1914 | Eschatology of War Reissue
The 1984 Draft | Friends Forever Cassette
Noisepoetnobody | This City
Pavor Nocturnus | Ecatombe
Ahemaa Nwomkro | Yebre Ma Owuo
Novagang | N.T.N.G. Vol. 2: Judgment Day
Odds | Crash The Time Machine
Orchid Mantis | There Is One Place We’re All Going
Painted Mandolin | Sweet Rain
Paradox | Heresy Vinyl Reissue
Pawz One and Preed One | Murals & Mayhem
Duke Pearson | The Right Touch Reissue
Perflufendufen | Amnesia
Phish | Aug. 1, 2023 | Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Phish | Aug. 2, 2023 | Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Phish | Aug. 4, 2023 | Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Phish | Aug. 5, 2023 | Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Phish | New York Summer 2023
Piss Ant | Summer Promo ’23
Plum-Blossom | Sun (Interlude) Single
Basil Poledouris | Starship Troopers Vinyl Reissue
Pseudo Fruit | Heavy Nydelig
Quality Used Cars | Quality of Life
Quavo | Rocket Power
Quelle Chris | Being You is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often
Raging Nathans / Story Changes | Split EP
Rain Parade | Last Rays Of A Dying Sun Vinyl
Raison D’être | Prospectus I: Sublime Edition
Edward Reekers | The Liberty Project
Renegades Of Jazz | Last to Leave
Repentance | The Process Of Human Demise
Robert Jon & The Wreck | Ride Into The Light
Steve Roden | Lamp (Within​​​/​​​Without The Skin)
The Royal Arctic Institute | Catnap to Coma to Catharsis
Alanna Royale | Trouble Is
Robert Ouyang Rusli | Problemista Soundtrack
Gabriel’Sant | Freaking Out At Dawn: After Hours Edition
SB Maffija | Hotel Maffija 3
Scolopendra | VM18
Seja | Here is One I Know You Know
The Sherlocks | People Like Me & You
The Shivas | Covers Vol. 2
Sideshow | Jam
Skindred | Smile
Jacob Slater | Pinky, I Love You
DJ Sliink & Bandmanrill | Jiggy In Jersey
Snow Patrol | Final Straw 20th Anniversary Edition
Jeon Somi | Game Plan
Sonic Moon | Return Without Any Memory
Souza | Sauvage
Spinners | Complete Atlantic Singles: The Thom Bell Productions 1972-1979
Rick Springfield | Automatic
Star Kitchen | Darkness & Demons
Star 99 | Bitch Unlimited
Mae Stephens | Mr. Right (ft. Meghan Trainor)
Stillundecided | Olekka
Stolen Jars | I Won’t Let Me Down
Storm Of Void | Ride The Dragon
Jonathan Suazo | Ricano
Sunfish Starfish | Earthstar
Masaaki Suzuki | Plays Bach Organ Works, Vol. 4
Swandive | Two Things Before You Go
David Sylvian | Samadhisound 2003-2014: Do You Know Me Now?
Tacos! | 3
Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving | Oscillating Forest
Teenage Wrist | Still Love
Temple of Katharsis | Macabre Ritual
Th13teen | And Now It’s Going Backwards
TMSV & Danny Scrilla | Weird Flex
Touchdown Boy | Chest / Sick Of Goodbyes
Tomorrow x Together | Sweet
Devin Townsend | Devolution #3: Empath Live in America
Tree | Free Tree
Trio Not Trio | Trzecia
Trippie Redd | A Lover Letter to You 5
T-Rock | Angel of Warfare
Tumulation | Haunted Funeral Creations
Kali Uchis | Muñekita
Unitcode:machine | Cold
Unsung | Hand Painted Model Trains
Various Artists | Accidental Journey
Various Artists | Dreamin’ Wild Soundtrack
Various Artists | Duploc Blxck Txpes 4.0
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call Music! ’90s Pop
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol. 87
Various Artists | Playing For The Man At The Door: Field Recordings From The Collection of Mack McCormick 1958–1971
Various Artists | Sonhos Secretos
Various Artists | Speedy Wunderground: The Dubs Vol. 1
Various Artists | Test Pressing IV
Various Artists | Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Soundtrack
Ben Vaughn | Interpretations EP
Joshua Ray Walker | What Is It Even?
Warcloud & Bomshot | Warghosts
Water Machine | Raw Liquid Power
Vinyl Williams | Aeterna
Wilmette | Hyperfocused
Jana Winderen | The Blue Beyond
The Wind-Ups | Jonathan Says
Rob Winstone | Sifting Through Heaven
Jah Wobble | A Brief History Of Now
Wonderlands x Showtime | 88☆彡/Hoshizora No Melody
Dustin Wong | Perpetual Morphosis
WWW | Live From Del Valle Estadio
Xikers | House Of Tricky: How To Play
Tyla Yaweh | Heart Full of Rage 2
Brett Young | Across the Sheets
Zedned | Sticky Situation