Weekend Mixtape | More Than 230 Songs Of The Summer (Side 1)


Yep, it’s about that time — whether we like it or not, somebody is going to have to choose an official Song Of The Summer™®©. I don’t care who does it, as long as it’s not me; frankly, I can’t be trusted with that kind of responsibility. So I’ll leave it up to all of you. Here are some options — more than 230 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasured, golden oldies and live performances (most of which you won’t find anywhere else). Surely one of them will do the trick. If not, well, no sweat — I’ll have another 500 or so new contenders next week. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ⭐️. Let the carnage begin:



1Osees | Stunner

2The Nude Party | Somebody Tryin’ to Hoodoo Me

3ZZ Ward | On One

4Oliver Malcolm | What Am I To Do?

5Dream Nails | Femme Boi

6Grace Potter | Lady Vagabond + Ready Set Go

7BabyJake | Aren’t We Ever Gonna Be More Than Friends?

8Mint Mind | Contemporary Jaguars

9Benny J Ward | I Didn’t Mean It

10SF4AM | Haight Street Stroll

11King Biscuit Boy | Hoy Hoy Hoy Take 1 (Live On Beat-Club 1971 – Unreleased Footage)

12Grateful Dead | Around and Around + Sunshine Daydream (Orchard Park, NY 7/16/90)

13Phish | Carini (Live in Philadelphia, PA)

14Ann Wilson & Tripsitter | Straight On / Let’s Dance (Live)

15Kerala Dust | Jacob’s Gun (Live in Berlin)

16Kendall Street Company | Alfonso Muskedunder

17Sam Roberts Band | Afterlife

18Susan Tedeschi | Voodoo Woman

19The Heavy | Got To Believe

20The Wanton Bishops | Do What You’re Told

21Pink Floyd | The Great Gig In The Sky (Live at Wembley 1974)

22Supertramp | Hide in Your Shell (Live on The Midnight Special 1975)

23The Rolling Stones | It’s All Over Now

24MAL | Madness As Lift

25The Casanovas | The Lover

26Syntax TerrOrkester | Eg Ser Det For Meg

27Naked Lungs | River (Down)

28Mayer Hawthorne | The Pool

29Mac Krol | Fair Warning

30The Villaintinos | Hands Ties

31Jonah Tolchin | Save Me (From Myself)

32Jesse Roper | Throw This Rope

33Velvet Insane | Sweet As It Can Be

34Headcheese | I Wanna Be Special (Forces)

35George Sanders & The Parallels | What’s On Your Mind?

36Ìxtahuele | Zebra Limbo

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