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Albums Of The Week: Nephila | Nephila

Psychedelic, prog and space-rock meet behind the Swedish septet's masks.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “With its sprawlings spider legs, masked Swedes Nephila channel vintage sounds with their flashing guitar solos and psychedelic melodies. The sound is hard to categorize into one genre, but in the mix, elements from all corners of the world are to be found. Melodies, parts and rhythm crawl like a red pulsing thread through the songs from Nephila.

Drawing inspiration from ’60s and ’70s folk and prog-rock, the album includes seven experimental tracks that launch the listener into a journey through space and time. The signature mix of retro rock and heavy guitar solos with fantastic vocal harmonies from their two lead singers makes this album truly stand out. Consisting of seven masked musicians, Nephila combine progressive songwriting and visual expressions to merge mysticism, folklore, and storytelling into a theatrical journey.

Nephila brings progressive and psychedelic dreams combined with heavy blues rock and theatrical expressionism. The band is a seven-headed orchestra that draws from the best of ”60s and ’70s experimental rock and adds a touch of mysticism and visual storytelling. The group travel across dimensions and through history to tell its stories,  opening up new realities with dynamic songs, progressive melodies and fantastic dual lead vocals. Nephila invite listeners to join their travelling theater on its voyage through realities known and unknown.

With members hailing from retro rock band Children of the Sün, Nephila’s reverence for ’70s space rock is strongly evident in the band’s classic progressive sound. Powerful guitar solos and psychedelic melodies bring to mind pioneers such as Jefferson Airplane and Sweden’s Abramis Brama. To complement its hard rock-based sound, the band also makes use of mystical visuals to create a unique multi-sensory experience informed by some members’ backgrounds in theater.

“Nephila’s strength definitely lies in our performance”, says one of the lead singers, Stina. “The mystique is important. We all have strong personalities and our masks create yet another dimension. No matter what happens to any of us, the mask always lives on.”