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Next Week in Music | July 23-29 • The Long List: 333+ Releases On The Way

The good, the bad, the weird and the new musical milestones.


Today in musical milestones:

The Good | Bluegrass and country singer Alison Krauss turns 52, Guns N’ Roses guitar hero Slash hits 58, Depeche Mode keyboardist Martin Gore turns 62 and Roxy Music MVP Andy Mackay is 77.

The Bad | Troubled singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London townhouse at age 27 back in 2011, Charlatans keyboardist Rob Collins died in a car accident in 1996, two R.E.M. fans died during their Slane Castle show in 1995, and Grateful Dead keyboardist Keith Godchaux died following a traffic accident in 1979.

The Weird | Surgical instruments allegedly used during Elvis Presley‘s autopsy were removed from auction (due to doubts about their authenticity, believe it or not), Bob Dylan was arrested in New Jersey for ‘acting suspiciously’ while taking a walk before his gig in 2009, and Kid Rock got probation for getting into a fight at a Waffle House in 2008.

The New | These 333-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes:



AcidBrain | The Lust Murders
Acidgvrl | Going To The Store! | .3 Yall Want Anything
Tanner Adell | Buckle Bunny
Adem3K | Honesty
Air Miami | ME. ME. ME. Deluxe Edition
Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah | Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning
Kirsten Agresta-Copely | Aquamarine
A Handful of Dust | The Drum Is The Shaman​’​s Horse
Aimer | Open A Door
A Light Sleeper | Equaeverpoise
Dot Allison | Consciousology
Amaka | Oasis EP
AmyReal | AmyReal Agenda FuckWorld 2013 ElectroHexD Domination Gay
Anne-Marie | Unhealthy
Aoni | Aonisai
Aphex Twin | Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760
Arch Blade | Kill The Witch
Astralborne | Across The Aeons
Atonement | Sadistic Invaders
Matt B | Alkebulan
BabyJake | Aren’tWe Ever Gonna Be More Than Friends?
Bala Brigada | Find A Way
Bear The Mammoth | Purple Haus
Beyond The Permafrost | Fallen From The Throne
Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon feat. Wiyaala | Kontonbili EP feat. Wiyaala
Black Uniforms | Splatter Punx on Acid Vinyl Reissue
Emma Blackery | Everybody Lies
Blargg | Psychopop
Blasphemous Fire | Beneath the Darkness
Blevin Blectum | Onmii
Blood Runs Cold | Blood Runs Cold
The Bohannons | Days Of Echo Vinyl Reissue
Chris Boltendahl’s Steelhammer | Reborn In Flames
Børns | Suddenly
Brad | In the Moment That You’re Born
Brad | Shame Vinyl Reissue
The Budos Band | Frontier’s Edge
Bulletproof Soul | Grasping Things at the Root
Burnside Project | The Networks, The Circuits, The Streams, The Harmonies 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition
Bush Tetras | They Live In My Head
Dario Calderone | Isolario
Lomond Campbell | Interference Patterns
Tanika Charles | The Union Sessions EP
Chika | Samson: The Album
Circle of Dust | Brainchild Remastered
Citizen Cope | Victory March
City Windows | Velvet Divorce
George Clanton | Ooh Rap I Ya
The Cleverlys | Solid Butter
The Clientele | I Am Not There Anymore
Closure In Moscow | Soft Hell
Colon Cancer | The Last Chief Keefian
Co-Pilot | Rotate
Bethany Cosentino | Natural Disaster
Cosmic Neighbourhood | Gatherings
Picchio dal Pozzo | In Camporella
Nino Dani | On The Surface EP
Darlingside | Everything Is Alive
Datewithdeath | Execution Style
Dead Heat | Endless Torment EP
Debdepan | Omen EP
Maroulita de Kol | An​á​sana
Dexys | The Feminine Divine
Diesel Boy | Gets Old
Jakob Dinesen / Anders Christensen / Laust Sonne | Moonlight Drive
Chris Donnelly | Artificial Jazz
DreamTX | Living In Memory Of Something Sweet
D2x | Faith
Dvnte | Are U There?
EarthGang | Earthgang vs the Algorithm: RIP Human Art EP
Echosmith | Echosmith
Eddna | Cut in Half
Lawrence English & Lea Bertucci | Chthonic
Enji | Ulaan
Peter Epstein | Two Legs Bad
Eternal Rot | Moribound
Exultet | King’s Crusade Pt. 1 (The Holy Land)
Fassine | Never to Heaven
FBC | O Amor, O Perdão E A Tecnologia Irão Nos Levar Para Outro Planeta
Figerson | Oyabun
Fleshvessel | Yearning: Promethean Fates Sealed
Flight | Echoes of Journeys Past
Fly Anakin | Skinemaxxx (Side A & Side B)
Peter Frampton | Frampton@50
Freedom | Born Again: The Complete Recordings 1967-72
From Ashes to New | Blackout
Funeral | Gorepack
Fury in the Slaughterhouse | Hope
Patrick Gallagher | e​.​78
Georgia | Euphoric
Germ & Shakewell | Kevlar Money Bags EP
Ghost Hounds | First Last Time
Shane Ghostkeeper | Songs For My People
Girlschool | WTFortyfive?
Beverly Glenn-Copeland | The Ones Ahead
The Glorious Dead | Cemetery Paths
Glume & Phossa | Between Surface
Adekunle Gold | Tequila Ever After
Andrew Gold | The Fraternal Order of the All: Greetings From Planet Love Reissue
The Gorge | Mechanical Fiction
Bby Goyard | Loreseeker
Addison Grace | White Lie
Grateful Dead | Dave’s Picks Vol. 47: Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO 12/9/79
Gravess I Still Feel It, Crawling, Under My Skin
Gung| | Gguh Deluxe
Gunn Truscinski Nace | Glass Band
Hackedepicciotto | Keepsakes
Hanabie | 来世は偉人!Raise Wa Ljin!
Lake Haze | Ionosphere EP
Helheim | Fenris Reissue
Hell’s Coronation | Transgression of a Necromantical Darkness
Heroin | Discography
High Pulp | Days In The Desert
Högni | Music for Katla
Homeboy Sandman | Rich
Hooker Spit | Krötch Splitter
The Hot Toddies Jazz Band | | The Hot Toddies Jazz Band
Hugo | Het Leven
Phoebe Hunt | Nothing Else Matters
Stijn Hüwels | Fiat Lux
Iano | What Will We See
Icytwat | Final Boss
Billy Idol | Billy Idol Expanded Edition
ILY :1 | New Chapter
InHappy | Come Back Home: The Very Best Of InHappy
Invecil | Pompas de Jab​ó​n y S​ó​tano M​ó​vil
Itch Princess | Filler Guise
Izzaldin | Futura in Retrograde
Javano | Metropolis
Jedwill1999 | Athena (ft. Login & Brakence)
Carly Rae Jepsen | The Loveliest Time
JJ & The Real Jerks | Rat Beach (Deluxe Edition)
Eric Johanson | The Deep and the Dirty
Kacey Johansing | Year Away
Brogan Johnson | Violence
Marijuana Johnson | Reefer Chamber EP
Jukebox Monkey | Smiles Becoming Teeth
Kassian | Phase Two
Tori Kelly | Tori EP
Bre Kennedy | Scream Over Everything (Side A)
Madeline Kenney | A New Reality Mind
Kid Apollo | In Your Own Right EP
Kid Fears | Undying Love
Kilamanzego | Black Weirdo EP
The Killakee House | Little Gallows
KitschKrieg | German Engineering 1
Koeosaeme | Beige
El Kontessa | Nos Habet Caramel
Korale | Insomnia
Kovyazin D | Places EP
DJ Koze | Wespennest EP
Kytes | To Feel Something At All
Rhys Langston x Pioneer 11 | To Operate This System
Jessy Lanza | Love Hallucination
Bells Larsen | If I Was, I Am EP
Lau | Circumstance (Take Two)
Luiza Lian | 7 Estrelas: Quem Arrancou O Cé​u
Gabi Lins | Neu 1° Apartamento
Locate S,1 | Wicked Jaw
Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun | Colour
Damon Locks & Rob Mazurek | New Future City Radio
Lowcountry | Lowcountry
Nick Lowe | Dig My Mood 25th Anniversary Edition
Lunar Disco | Devil’s Hands EP
Lust Hag | Demo II / Promo 2023
Mac Krol | What Would You Say?
The Maine | The Maine
Tkay Maidza | Ringaling
Post Malone | Austin
Mantis The Miasma | 14 Generations
Ayo Manuel | 1983​-​90
Steve Marino | Too Late To Start Again
James Marriott | Romanticise This Single
Matty Marz | Vol. 1
Ruth Mascelli | Non-Stop Healing Frequency
Max In The World & Kroba | Excursions
Mediaslaves | The Downtown Eastside Will Have Its Revenge on Vancouver
Midnight Prey | Black Cat / Sword And Shield
Hatsune Miku | Magical Mirai 2023
Miller Twins | Early Compositions 1973-’76
Million Square | Fantasy Grounds
Minnows | Make Us Soldiers Single
Mioriii | Nature’s Way
Misamo | Masterpiere
Mistura Pura | ‘Mah’ Wah Funk b​/​w Love Is Full Of Colours
Joni Mitchell | At Newport
Mothloop | Contaminated Disco
Mudhoney | Five Dollar Bob’s Mock Cooter Stew Vinyl Reissue
MMYYKK | The Midst of Things
Elizabeth Moen | For Arthur
Mo’ Horizons | Mango Woman feat. Gyedu​-​Blay Ambolley
Moon Age | Magic//Bass
Morrr | Marrow Weavers EP
The Mortal Prophets | Dealey Plaza Blues
Jordan Moser | Peril
Mustangs of the West | Sea of Heartbreak
Mutoid Man | Mutants
Myth | Bashment EP
Nikki Nair, Breaka, Thys | Extra Playtime
NateWantsToBattle | To Let Go Single
News From The Invisible World | The Fierce & The Dead
Stevie Nicks | Complete Studio Albums & Rarities
Kyle Nix & The 38’s | After The Flood Vol. 1
No Rome | Blueboy Must Die
Not A Toy | Prblms
Not Marshall | Dabo
Of Mice & Men | Warpaint
Ogre Sound | Wilder
Oh My Girl | Golden Hourglass
Organ Dealer | The Weight Of Being
Orphalis | As The Ashes Settle
Oslo Twins | Back to Nothing EP
Otherish | How Lucky We Are Being Us And Each Other
OTR | Be Quiet, They’re Listening
Alice Sara Ott | Beethoven
Outer Heaven | Infinite Psychic Depths
Outlaws | It’s About Pride
Paint | Loss For Words
Panzerchrist | Last Of A Kind
Phish | July 23, 2023 | St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview, Syracuse, NY
Phish | July 25, 2023 | TD Pavilion at the Mann, Philadelphia, PA
Phish | July 26, 2023 | TD Pavilion at the Mann, Philadelphia, PA
Phish | July 28, 2023 | Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Phish | July 29, 2023 | Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Phish | Philadelphia 2023
Poindexter | Treats
Porta Nigra | Weltende
Postcard Boy | Somewhere On a Hillside
Primal Scream | Reverberations (Travelling In Time)
The Prodigy | The Fat of the Land 25th Anniversary Remixes
PWNT | Play What’s Not There
Queef Jerky | Queef Underground
Dennis Quaid | Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners
Ransom & Nicholas Craven | Deleted Scenes 2
Rascal Reporters | The Strainge Case of Steve
Heaven Razah & Chosen1 Beats | The Black Superman 2
Repo Man | Me Pop Now
Return to Dust | The Black Road
Rocky | Rocky
The Rolling Stones | Forty Licks Reissue
Daniel Rossen | Live At Pioneertown & Santa Fe
Sargeant X Comrade | Lo Fi Future
Saul | This Is It… The End Of Everything
Francisco Schuster | Alleen
Knoel Scott | Celestial
Travis Scott | Utopia
Scrap Arts Music | Children Of Metropolis
Searows | Older
Chuck Senrick | Dreamin’
Sentino | Kołysanki Dla Ulicy
Sevendust | Truth Killer
$heep | Phrasemonger
Sidewalk | Sidewalk Vinyl Reissue
Signs Of The Swarm | Amongst The Low & Empty
Silicone Prairie | Vol. II
The Sinclairs | The Long Slow Death Of A Cigarette
Skeleten | Under Utopia
Skold | Seven Heads
The Sleeping | I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost
Slowe | Where The Mind Wanders
Snorkie | Be This Way (ft. Bethan Wyn)
Socool x Lehto | YVR to LBC
Soft Cell | *Happiness Now Extended
Soft Cell | *Happiness Now Completed
Sore Dream & Hisham Akira Bharoocha | Sore Dream x Hisham Akira Bharoocha
Spectre | Lonesome Gambler
The Speeding Bullets | Space Rumble LP
Spits Milk | Hells Lapels
Sid Sriram | Sidharth
Steely Dan | Pretzel Logic Reissue
Sami Stevens | Morning
The Steves | In A Room EP Reissue
The Steves | Jerk EP Reissue
The Steves | Making Time Single EP Reissue
Street Soldier | Original Murda Material
Subatlantic | Say It Again
The Sun’s Journey Through The Night | Worldless
Sunstroke | Bent Blue | Split EP
Susanna | Baudelaire & Orchestra
Susto | My Entire Life
Swiss Portrait | The Crippling Pain of Happiness
Charles Szczepanek | Moments of Reflection
Sznur | Ludzina
Szpaku | Uzumaki Forma Ostateczna
TakaLaiton | Mindfection
Talking With Hands | New Public Domain
Tandm | Sirens EP
Tech N9ne | Bliss
Ten Tonnes | Dancing, Alone
Tiga & Kölsch | Hand In Hand Remixes
Tinyumbrellas | Somewhere To Fall Asleep
Tongues | Forml​ø​se Stjerner
Too Sad For The Public | Vol. 2: Yet and Still
Torr | Molecule
Traysh | Shady Favorites
Treasure | Reboot
Tropical Fuck Storm | Goody Goody Gumdrops VHS
Turquoise | Se Bueno
Tyson | Sunsetters / Daybreakers
Hikaru Utada | Gold -Mata Au Hi Made-
UFOm | Aliens Are Real
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats | Slaughter On First Avenue
Valleverde | Valleverde
Vanishing | Ends Without Redress
Various Artists | Autonomy: The Productions of Martin Rushent
Various Artists | Come Together: Adventures on the Indie Dancefloor 1989-1992
Various Artists | Godspeed… A Tribute to Pierre Kezdy
Various Artists | Raised By Rap: 50 Years of Hip Hop
Various Artists | The Super Mario Bros. Movie Soundtrack
Ramon Vega | Desanimao (ft. Chstian Nodal) Single
The Vignatis | Swing Kiddos Hot Klub de France Vol. 6
Viserion / Teloch Voven | The Iron Age of Kali Yuga Split
Volk | Towards The Setting Sun: Live In North America
Mal Waldron Sextet | Mal/2 Reissue
The Wans | Magical Touch
Jessie Ware & Róisín Murphy | Freak Me Now Single
Gilles Wasserman | No Time Like The Present
Weirwolf06 | The Kingdom Of Weirwolf
Westside Gunn | And Then You Pray For Me
Hailey Whitters | I’m In Love EP
Wild Wes | Lost In Translation
William The Conqueror | Excuse Me While I Vanish
Richard Wright | Wet Dream Reissue
Wyrgher | Panspermic Warlords
Xteihn | 10S4L
Xanacova | High Note ft. Mark Austin King & Lori Peters
Xqui | (And Lies In General)
Ken Yates | Cerulean Extended Edition
Bélver Yin | Para Mi Madre
Khris YokiTunes | My Head Is Rolling Everywhere
Yonaka | Welcome To My House EP
Neil Young | Official Release Series Vol. 5
Zackey Force Funk | Blue Blade Piranha
Ziúr | Eyeroll

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