The Scary Loud No Need School, Do Rock Instead

These Toronto indie rockers don't wanna be taught to be no fools.

The Scary Loud put their faith in rock ’n’ roll with their raucous and rebellious new single and video No Need School — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Gleefully flipping the bird to the education system in the fine tradition of Alice Cooper’s School’s Out, The RamonesRock ’n’ Roll High School, Brownsville Station’s Smokin’ In The Boys Room, The ReplacementsFuck School and countless others, No Need School ultimately delivers a message of self-determination, singer-guitarist Scotty Komer reveals. “I wrote the song to be a bit of a ‘follow your dreams and don’t listen to what you’re told is the proper path to a future’ kind of message,” he shares.

Armed with a power-pop nugget of the first order, The Scary Loud make an unmistakable impression through top-notch production quality and a sonic intensity that fills any room. Make no mistake: They are a big fuzzy guitar band, with heavy drum and bass performances that form the gritty backbone while refined guitar riffs and soaring vocals propel them into the stratosphere.

Founded by Komer, The Scary Loud include members of Canadian punk and hardcore bands such as Boys Night Out, The Pettit Project, Love You To Death and Twin Rivals. The rhythm section is provided by drummer Sean Balestri and bassist Connor Lovat-Fraser, while lead guitarist Joe Baldasio rips his axe to shreds. With all that going for them, they don’t need no education. And listening to the teacher? It just ain’t their bag.

Check out No Need School above and below, and cut class with The Scary Loud on their website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.