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Next Week in Music | July 23-29 • New Books

Your new reading list features everyone from The Allman Brothers to Warren Zevon.

The Hold Steady stay positive, the Allman Brothers and Richie Furay strike a chord, Warren Zevon gets philosophical, EWF and Nightwish go under the microscope — and more titles for your reading list:


The Gospel of The Hold Steady: How A Resurrection Really Feels
By Michael Hann & The Hold Steady

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On Jan. 22, 2003, four men stepped onto a stage in Brooklyn and did something no one else was doing at that time, in that place. They played rock ’n’ roll: old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll with skyscraping riffs and sloppy solos, topped with extraordinary lyrics about an out-of-focus America, blurred by pills and powders, of crime and fear and desperation and redemption. Twenty years later, The Hold Steady are one of America’s most beloved rock bands, famed for live shows that turn unbelievers into converts, and for a catalog filled with some of the most exciting yet poetic music of the 21st century. To mark those twenty years, The Hold Steady tell their full story in The Gospel of The Hold Steady: How A Resurrection Really Feels. An oral history, based on interviews with everyone who has played in the band, and those who have worked with them over the course of their career, The Gospel of the Hold Steady addresses all the triumphs and setbacks of The Hold Steady’s career in the band’s own words ― from high times to near deaths, from the brink of splitting to their current renaissance. The volume also includes over 200 photographs and images. The Gospel of The Hold Steady is completed by essays about America’s greatest bar band by writers Rob Sheffield, Laura Barton, Isaac Fitzgerald and Michael Hann, as well as the thoughts and memories of The Unified Scene ― the fans who have helped define the band’s identity over the years. This is a book for everyone who loves The Hold Steady, and anyone who understands that the magic of rock ‘n’ roll happens on a stage in a small room, with voices raised from the crowd.”

Keep On Believin’: The Life And Music Of Richie Furay
By Thomas M. Kitts

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “One of America’s great rock ’n’ roll pioneers, Richie Furay played alongside Neil Young and Stephen Stills in Buffalo Springfield, producing some of the signature sounds of American folk rock. He went on to form Poco, one of the bands that founded California country rock, and then Souther-Hillman-Furay. After declaring himself a Christian in 1974, Furay released four solo albums before taking up the ministry in 1983. He began recording again in 1997, and over the next twenty-five years he released two Christian and five secular albums. In this biography of the Rock And Roll Hall of Famer, Thomas Kitts provides an intimate look at Furay’s life and music. Kitts chronicles the musician’s upbringing, his musical career, and his Christianity, drawing on interviews with Furay and others close to him. In documenting Furay’s extraordinary talent as a songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Kitts argues that although he never attained the level of stardom of many of his bandmates, Furay is a pivotal figure in American popular music. Fans will enjoy this quintessentially American story of a young man on a quest to fulfil his rock ’n’ roll dreams.”

Brothers and Sisters: The Allman Brothers Band and the Inside Story of the Album That Defined the ’70s
By Alan Paul

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Allman Brothers Band’s Brothers and Sisters was not only the band’s bestselling album, at over seven million copies sold, but it was also a powerfully influential release, both musically and culturally, one whose influence continues to be profoundly felt. Celebrating the album’s 50th anniversary, Brothers and Sisters the book delves into the making of the album, while also presenting a broader cultural history of the era, based on first-person interviews, historical documents, and in-depth research. Brothers and Sisters traces the making of the template-shaping record alongside the stories of how the Allman Brothers came to the rescue of a flailing Jimmy Carter presidential campaign and helped get the former governor of Georgia elected president; how Gregg Allman’s marriage to Cher was an early harbinger of an emerging celebrity media culture; and how the band’s success led to internal fissures. The book also examines the Allman Brothers’ relationship with The Grateful Dead ― including the most in-depth reporting ever on the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, the largest rock festival ever ― and describes how they inspired bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, helping create the southern rock genre. With exclusive access to hundreds of hours of never-before-heard interviews with every major player, including Dickey Betts and Gregg Allman, conducted by Allman Brothers Band archivist, photographer, and “Tour Mystic” Kirk West, Brothers and Sisters is an honest assessment of the band’s career, history, and highs and lows.”

Earth, Wind and Fire: Every Album, Every Song
By Bud Wilkinson

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Since their formation in the early 1970s, Earth, Wind & Fire have been at the forefront of popular music. Led by the fearless Maurice White, the band imprinted their funky style onto the world’s psyche, with tracks like September, Let’s Groove, That’s The Way of The World and Reasons becoming instantly recognisable in the process, transforming the group into one of the biggest pop acts of all time. Walking the fine line between pop hits, jazz compositions and fusion playing, Maurice surrounded himself with some of the best players of the time in order to realise his vision. Al McKay, Verdine White, Larry Dunn, Andrew Woolfolk and vocalist extraordinaire Philip Bailey were players of the highest order, committing stunning performances to tape and becoming icons in the process. Earth, Wind & Fire: Every Album, Every Song gives a complete overview of the group’s recorded output. From 1971’s self-titled debut to 2014’s Holiday, with smash hits like I Am, All ‘N All and Spirit between, here you will find every song delved into with facts and insightful analysis. No stone is left unturned in this career overview, giving both longtime fans and newcomers something fresh to find out about one of popular music’s greatest acts.”

Nightwish: Every Album, Every Song
By Simon McMurdo

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Traversing power metal, acoustic introspect and finally settling on their breakthrough cinematic sound, Finnish heavyweights Nightwish are the leading name in the sumptuous world of symphonic metal. Having tackled numerous high-profile lineup changes, each threatening to derail the grand vehicle of spirit curated by founder Tuomas Holopainen, their every turn has been documented across nine studio records. Whilst the surface presents the Nightwish discography as a feast of metaphor and imagination, it’s in the undercurrent that the vulnerability of the compositions are revealed; the fury of Master Passion Greed detailing the acrimonious split with vocalist Tarja Turunen, the melancholia permeating Century Child and the awe-inspiring ode to evolution of Endless Forms Most Beautiful. This book analyses every song released by the group, from their Angels Fall First debut to 2020’s Human. :||: Nature., discussing inimitable singles Nemo and the begrudgingly composed Sleeping Sun as well as patriotic sport soundtracks, impromptu live outings and curious cover versions. Nightwish: Every Album, Every Song also discusses the abundant live releases and compilations from their career to date and gathers together an exhaustive list of the band’s B-sides and rarities.”

Warren Zevon and Philosophy
By John MacKinnon

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Since his death in 2003 at the age of 56, Warren Zevon’s following has grown, and seven books on Zevon have appeared in the last few years, with more in the works. The Zevon legend continues to attract attention both because of the outstanding quality of his best songs and because of the poignant trajectory of his life. According to the novelist Carl Hiaasen, Zevon “left behind a wildly intelligent and captivating body of music.” Zevon was an American rock singer-songwriter, born in Chicago, though associated with the music scene in Los Angeles. His early albums Warren Zevon (1976) and Excitable Boy (1978) attracted a loyal fan following and ecstatic praise from critics. As a special talent to watch, the teenage Zevon was introduced to several notable people, including Igor Stravinsky. Zevon’s descent into alcoholism and other addictions, along with his debauchery and erratic behavior, took its toll and his performances suffered, an aspect disturbingly captured in the memoir by his ex-wife Crystal Zevon, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon (2008). In the last few years of his life, Zevon rehabilitated somewhat, and his work returned to an impressive level of quality. His remarkable final albums Life’ll Kill Ya (2000), My Ride’s Here (2002) and The Wind (2003) have made a lasting impact. The last of these was given the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album, while the song Disorder In The House, performed by Zevon with Bruce Springsteen, won Best Rock Vocal Performance.”

Music: Why It Matters
By Nicholas Cook

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “As countries went into lockdown in 2020, people turned to music for comfort and solidarity. Neighbours sang to each other from their balconies; people participated in online music sessions that created an experience of socially distanced togetherness. Nicholas Cook argues that the value of music goes far beyond simple enjoyment. Music can enhance well-being, interpersonal relationships, cultural tolerance, and civil cohesion. At the same time, music can be a tool of persuasion or ideology. Thinking about music helps bring into focus the values that are mobilised in today’s culture wars. Making music together builds relationships of interdependence and trust: rather than escapism, it offers a blueprint for a community of mutual obligation and interdependence. Music: Why It Matters is for anyone who loves playing, listening to, or thinking about music, as well as those pursuing it as a career.”