Indie Roundup | 72 Songs For Your Weekend Playlist (Part 4)

Kal-El, Ocean, Third Estate, Kodae, Lotus Thrones and more artists go for the win.


Kal-El pitch a spiral, Summer Heart invites you for a dip, Third Estate serve up a beating, Kodae are wide awake — and we’re finally heading for home in your latest big-assed Weekend Roundup. Thanks for playing!


55 | Kal-El | Spiral

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Originally formed in 2012, Kal-El’s star have been in the ascension following some impressive and highly sought-after releases. As new single Spiral showcases, the band’s glorious universe of sound comprises of bass-heavy grooves, detuned guitars and mind-warping lyrics, and like a wayward son of hard rock and heavy metal the quintet have spent a lot of time on the road over the years, honing their tone on the road. “We are very proud of Spiral and we can’t wait to share the full record with everyone later in the year,” explains vocalist Captain. “Our first single Comêta was received beyond our expectations and we’ve got a load of things lined up throughout the summer, leading up to the release of Dark Majesty. All will be revealed soon.”

56 | Summer Heart | Ocean

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden’s pillar of dream-pop Summer Heart has bounded into the new year with an enviable energy — and the new track, Oceans.The track maintains his raspberry ripple formula of sumptuous basslines paired with juicy melodies. Meanwhile, Oceans also prescribes a healthy dose of sea air, commentating on the mundanity of city life having recently relocated to Los Angeles.”

57 | The Third Estate | Heart Is Beating (ft. Ty, Cnmking & Chriz Gabriel)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Ty’s unmistakable vocals are backed by upcoming U.K. MCs Cnmking & Chriz Gabriel. Accompanied by tracked instrumentals featuring some top jazz talent including Tom Driessler (Yussef Kamaal, Tom Misch), Dougal Taylor (Vels Trio, Emma-Jean Thackray), Jonny Murray (Mr Jukes, Bombay Bicycle Club) and group founder Daniel ‘3Digits’ Berry. Though only their debut release, the band have already created a buzz on the live circuit. Recorded straight to tape with no click track, the parts in the EP were arranged to ensure that all musicians had a chance to edit, develop and improvise their playing throughout the record. In many ways Heart Is Beating is a record bound together by the beauty and fragility of life, and the relationships which characterise it, a reminder to cherish friendships and celebrate the life’s special moments.”

58 | Kodae | Awake With Crystal Eyes

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After a string of seemingly synchronistic events, Kodae formed in the spring of 2019 with their unique backgrounds to bring a fresh new flavour to the Canadian music table: Annie da Silva’s velvety voice and cutting lyrics, Owen Mcpherson’s gospel roots on the deep five, Seyoung Lee’s lush jazz textures on the keys, Curtis Sauer’s ambitious groove on the drums and Eric Osborne’s fluid harmonies on the guitar. Combining their mutual love for modern groove with their connection to nature and mysticism, this group of intergenerational musicians weave songs that strut like breakbeats but flow and warm the heart like a valley stream at sunset. Says da Silva: “I think this track highlights a hypnotic awareness to the passing of time. The pocket drives us forward but the lyrics ask you if you’re okay with moving forward in your current direction.”

59 | Lotus Thrones | Other Side Of The River

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Former Wolvhammer and Across Tundras drummer Heath Rave has launched a new solo project Lotus Thrones with a cover of Life Of Agony’s Other Side Of The River. “I’ve loved Life Of Agony since I was 13 years old, when River Runs Red came out in 1993. But the second record Ugly was life-changing for me, being that it was so uncompromisingly melodic and lyrically vulnerable. The record just doesn’t give a fuck about what any tough guy posturing was going on in the heavy music scene in the ’90s and that really shot to my heart and stayed with me. Other Side Of The River was one of my favorites to belt out in my car alone because no one in their right mind could ever hit Mina’s unique range. I love and respect her for all she’s done and continues to do as a person and musician.”

60 | The Black Fever | Pass On

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “It’s strange to watch a once-vital person wither away before your eyes, like the scenes from a car crash slowed down for dramatic effect. While written prior to COVID-19, many of the issues exposed during the pandemic, such as an often-indifferent long-term care system, also inspired our new single.  Ultimately though, this is sad paean for someone lost to a terminal illness, an unfortunate end to a tragic life. Self-recorded and mixed over months during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pass On was mastered by Joao Carvalho in Toronto. This is our first single of 2021, with more tracks coming later throughout the year.”

61 | Kavrila | Sunday

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Kavrila are from Hamburg, Germany. Rituals III, out March 26, is the spawn of Kavrila’s rage, anxiety, gloom, self doubt, pure energy, and grit. A vicious beast that crawls out of a pool of darkness, and suffering that has a hold on the world around us, that we are constantly fighting to overcome. Today, the band reveal the first single Sunday.”

62 | Emma Webb | ’90s Playlist

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Emma Webb is an indie, folk and pop singer-songwriter in Bristol. Known for her distinctive style, Webb has been influenced by an array of music and genres, and is particularly passionate about ’90s artists such as Alanis Morissette, The Corrs, The Beautiful South and Natalie Imbruglia, while also being lyrically influenced by songwriters such as Paul Simon, Carole King and Joni Mitchell. Her latest single ’90s Playlist captures Webb’s fond memory of a road trip alongside her nearest and dearest, all whilst singing her favourite ’90s music together. She shares: “We blasted out ’90s music all the way and harmonised the hell out of The Spice Girls!!”

63 | Daniel Donskoy | Bring Me Back My Smile

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Daniel Donskoy is earning acclaim for his take on electronic-infused R&B. Also renowned as an actor, most famously in Netflix smash The Crown, he now shares his new single Bring Me Back My Smile. Daniel says, “We spend so much time perfecting ourselves, trying to become the best and strongest version of ourselves. But we should do that for our own benefit, not to please others or to get the love we so desperately want. I found it so hard to go back to the version of myself that had self-respect and self-confidence after being treated badly in a relationship. This is a song about not letting go of yourself, whilst also being able to share your life with someone else.”

64 | Turfu | Astrale Nouba

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Futuristic French duo Turfu have released Astrale Nouba, featuring the vocals of award-winning Scottish folk artist Kate Young. The track is a traditional Bulgarian song that mixes techno pop with the vocal imagery of a cocktail-sipping sorceresses, and is taken from their forthcoming debut album of the same name. Turfu are Matthieu Souchet on drums and synth and Raphaël Decoster on accordion. With disconcerting simplicity, the pair present a daring mix of dancing accordion rhythms alongside the abstract repetitions of electro. Working with long techno crescendos, dissonant squeeze box sounds, and the birthing of confused emotions, these young musicians move between dance hall and club, in a hypnotic trance, which is simultaneously gritty and uplifting. Souchet and Decoster’s common goal is to get people dancing and in the party mood!”

65 | Tuvaband | Growing Pains

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Over the last few years, Norwegian artist Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser — who records under the moniker Tuvaband — has proven herself a master of crafting songs that capture a special atmosphere in her sound, paint a shapeshifting world of burning emotion, and music that spellbinds. With her new album Growing Pains & Pleasures (out May 21), she’s set to take her songwriting to new levels and to adventurously push the boundaries of her musical world. The first single Growing Pains is a starting point for the story within. “The lyrics for this song were the first I wrote for this album”, says Tuva. “It’s about trying to hold onto the past, rejecting change in oneself and your surroundings. The song is about how it can feel to make a new start after a change: when you feel like a stranger to yourself, and you’re suddenly in need of new mental tools, to adapt to your new surroundings and to deal with this unfamiliar situation.”

66 | Jade Moss | Hey Babe

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Jade Moss made her name as a fearless entrepreneur in the world of fashion and textiles and her music career looks to continue the trend, wowing audiences with her mix of nostalgia, glamour and attitude. Her new single Hey Babe talks about true love in a disposable and shallow world and about meeting someone new and making it clear to be careful how they play their cards when they have a queen in their hands. Wrapped up in a sound which blends classic, sultry jazz with pop and trip-hop, it’s the perfect introduction to an artist who never takes ‘no’ for an answer. “The music that I write is about my experiences with love, joy, strength and the importance of self-worth.”

67 | Arionce | Leucosia

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Berlin’s Arionce dare to experiment with instruments, tell exciting stories with a depth and lyrical skill and take in unusual and challanging narrative perspectives. Basically, they break every rule that makes young newcomers sucessfull and that’s what makes them so exicting. Leucosia deals with a deep-seated feeling of inescapable addiction and desire. With felicitous changes of perspective and unique metaphors, Arionce describe the inner struggle with the desire for a drug, a person, for the pursuit of power or the blind delusion to harm oneself. Arionce have the morbid and fascinating storytelling of David Lynch, the live energy of bands like Muse & Dredg, and deal with the wonder, the sense and the often-connected pain of human existence.”

68 | Gina Été | Trauma

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A catchy synth pattern, a fragile voice, a magical, somewhat eerie atmosphere. And then these questions — “How does the weight of your past now cause you pain? How do the terrors you’ve seen intrigue your dreams?”We are talking about the first single Trauma from the forthcoming debut album by Zurich-based musician Gina Été. Hybrid pop is what she calls her personal mixture of breathless intimacy and political awareness. In 2018, Gina spent a few weeks on the Greek island of Lesbos and helped as a volunteer in a camp for refugees. This resulted in this song, which deals with the experiences of a young Syrian, but from the perspective of a questioner. “I’m the one who could leave the camp at any time,” she says. “I’m concerned with that because it looks so committed now, but the truth is I just felt powerless.”

69 | Melodiesinfonie & Fiona Fiasco | Boys Suck

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Multi-talented producer Melodiesinfonie has teamed up with Swiss singer Fiona Fisaso for his latest single Boys Suck, a hazy track that perfectly combines the worlds of two intriguing musicians. Opening with wobbly guitar chords, the jazz-flecked song is a fine display of Fiona’s effortlessly cool and enchanting vocals, as she swoons over playful guitar lines and funky bass. Says Fiona: “BOYS SUCK. Well, they don‘t all suck. Just the ones with an the unproportional amount of money and power, keeping it all for/to themselves and not giving a fuck about humanity. But don‘t worry, we will take it all and build a happy place for us all to live/feel good in.”

70 | Clint Roberts | Nothing Left To Say

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Americana/roots rock artist Clint Roberts has released a third single from his Feb. 26 album Rose Songs, titled Nothing Left To Say. Clint comments, “Nothing Left To Say was written at a time when I had just moved back home to the small town I grew up in (Brevard, NC) after dropping out of a music program at Appalachian State University. It’s a commentary on the existential dread and depression that one might experience when pursuing a life of music; being fully aware that their ambitions are risky enough to possibly never amount to anything, and may never go the distance. However, the song is also partially a meditation on knowing that the risk is well worth it.”

71 | Trizz | ’Tis The Day

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Kicking off the new year, Inland Empire MC Trizz delivers dark and gritty single ’Tis the Day, setting the tone for 2021 in prime fashion. The haunting, down-tempo release features a bass-heavy production with plenty of space for Trizz to cut through. As his fans have come to love, he brings his signature laid-back flow pushing braggadocios bars, talking shit like only he can. With an extensive catalog and a die-hard fanbase, Trizz continues to prove himself as one of the most consistent and prolific artists out west.”

72 | Devon Kay & the Solutions | Oh My, Oh My, We’re Far Past That Now

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Devon Kay & the Solutions don’t want to stop entertaining you. It’s time to accept that and to dig into all the new music they have planned for you this year. The power-pop sextet from Chicago combine Devon’s long-term tenure in punk and add elements of ska, indie rock, musical theatre, Dad rock & straight-up pop. They now present to you the long titled Oh My, Oh My, We’re Far Past That Now. “OMOMWFPTN is one of those songs I wrote about a very specific snapshot in my life that feels like it’s taken on a broader appeal,” says Kay. “I wanted to make something akin to Tom Petty if dude was vaguely punk and flirted with Death Cab for Cutie … in space. The song is littered with melodic “inside jokes” to the bands we spent 2019 touring with, so keep an ear out for those.”