Waterfront Are Gonna Walk Even Though They Wanna Run

The Calgary rockers are built for speed on their latest single and lyric video.


Waterfront put their foot down with their defiant and dynamic new single I Wanna Run (ft. Gutter King) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Calgary rock quintet aim to keep their genre more than alive with their forthcoming five-track EP produced by Quinn Cyrankiewicz of Royal Tusk fame, who last produced Calling All Captains’ smash hit EP Nothing Grows Here and their debut album Slowly Getting Better. The group’s new single I Wanna Run sees Waterfront partner with local scene veterans Gutter King (who boast a 12K monthly listening audience) to solidify the group’s long-term goals. The single mirrors a turning point for Waterfront following their recent signing to Affiant Records.

“In a way, our new material has completely reshaped our sound,” says lead vocalist Dan Sequiera. “If you have listened to our previous work, this is going to be like listening to something else entirely in all the best ways. We love our past and still feel our new path forward aligns with where we’ve come from, but in a way, we are running away from things we felt didn’t work.

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I Wanna Run mirrors this turning point for us in that the song itself delves into the weight of breaking away from the toxicity of the wrong relationships or friendships to forge a new path forward and rediscover who you are. It is a risky decision to make; to try something complete foreign and brand new. I’ve been in relationships where you’re metaphorically beaten down and used, but I channeled that into this song. It’s easier to take it on the chin sometimes than it is ask for the respect you deserve and I feel we captured that energy and then some with this song.”

Waterfront are eager to bring their experiences to a new level and landscape within the industry. The band have also received regional radio play in Western Canada while amassing over half a million streams across their releases, with their song Three Years Later now nearing 200K streams. Along with Sequeira, Waterfront includes bassist Tanner Cyr, rhythm guitarist Devin Taylor, lead guitarist Ryan Ross and drummer Benjamin Forseth.

Watch the lyric video for I Wanna Run above, sample more from Waterfront below, and keep up with them on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


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