Gideon Foster Shares A Haunting Prophecy

A mysterious lifelong dream inspired the Yorkshire singer-songwriter's new single.


Gideon Foster guides you through an ethereal dreamscape in his lush new single Prophecy — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The title track from the Yorkshire, U.K. singer-songwriter’s genre-defying debut album, Prophecy takes you on a musical journey sparred from an epiphany that fell upon Foster. “I’ve always had a love of music and played guitar a bit, but until I had a spiritual awakening nine years ago, none of it made sense,” says Foster. “As my life changed as a result of this event, I started to look for meaning in my life, and songwriting became that meaning.”

Spellbinding vocal harmonies tell a tale that Foster has been waiting most of his life to tell, with a harrowing origin. It was “53 years in the making to create the title track Prophecy,” he says. “It’s a dream I have had all my life about being on a cliff looking down at the sea with an open-air theatre and a black and white floor below. As I was growing up, I used to think, ‘Where is this place? what’s the meaning?’ ”

Fittingly, Prophecy is a contemplative song accentuated by haunting melodies that flow in tandem with lyrics that read like a long-lost manuscript, or an ancient parable recently unearthed:

“Dance if you want to be free
Cause all roads end
Meant to be, meant to be
Soaks up the morning sun
But never knew why happiness comes.”

The album is an introspective work recorded with the help of producer-extraordinaire Si, who was equal parts inspiration and musical guide to Foster. “It’s really a journey from the past to the present,” says Gideon.

Foster arrived on the music scene a little later than most, not producing a song until his mid 40s. He’s since made up for lost time by releasing many singles, an EP, and most recently his first full-length. His songs have been featured in numerous online publications. He has received some radio play and regularly performs live at gigs and local festivals.

Check out the song Prophecy above, sample the entire album below, and find Gideon Foster on his website, Twitter and Facebook.


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