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Miki Agrawal Ponders Love & Loss With Deep Soul Gaze

The serial entrepreneur follows up an emotional divorce with a collaborative album.


Miki Agrawal looks inward on It All Exists, the debut album from her new musical project Soul Gaze — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

It All Exists is a testament to serial entrepreneur Agrawal’s audacious resilience and commitment to creative expression. Embracing the power of music, she invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey, celebrating the complexities and wild mélange of love. The album gives listeners and opportunity to dive into the mesmerizing melodies and heartfelt lyrics that encapsulate the essence of human emotions and the power of creative expression.

With a prolific career as a social entrepreneur, Agrawal has made a name for herself by challenging the status quo and changing cultural narratives. While she is widely recognized for her successful ventures and best-selling books, Agrawal is venturing into uncharted territory with her first foray into music, inspired by her recent divorce from her partner of 11 years. It All Exists showcases Agrawal’s unique creative expression and features collaborations with Happie Hoffman and producer Gene Evaro Jr.

“Music became a potent outlet for me during my transition out of my marriage,” she says. “It allowed me to express my deepest yearnings, desires, frustrations, and realizations about love. Collaborating with Happie Hoffman and Gene Evaro Jr. was an incredible journey of trust and vulnerability. We explored the fusion of dance music and heartfelt lyrics to create an album that shifts energy and promotes healing.”

Drawing from the personal experience of her transformative divorce, Agrawal channeled her emotions and outlook into the album, writing all of the lyrics and creating all of the initial melodies, and then working closely with Hoffman to enhance the musical compositions. The resulting album is a testament to Agrawal’s unique perspective on love, relationships, and personal growth. Each of the eight tracks delves into different aspects of the human experience, capturing the messy, beautiful, hopeful, and challenging elements of love. Hoffman’s angelic voice lends itself to the singing parts, while Agrawal delivers spoken word elements, resulting in a captivating blend of sound and expression.

It All Exists features a collection of heartfelt songs that delve into the diverse spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Antarctica captures the enchantment and liberation found in falling in love with the seventh continent, drawing inspiration from its pure natural elements. Do Less Be More expresses a deep yearning for presence, emphasizing the importance of being fully present in the moment. Fire ignites the burning fire within our hearts, even when faced with external coldness and closure. The Queen reminds us that our anger is as sacred as our joy, encouraging us to embrace and seek acceptance and love through all of our emotions. Changed invites acceptance of personal growth and transformation, recognizing that change is a natural part of love’s journey. Each song on the album offers a unique perspective on love, weaving together a captivating narrative that resonates with listeners. If you are completing a relationship process, this album is for you.

In a unique twist, Soul Gaze have also released an alternate acoustic version of the album, reflecting the myriad emotional landscapes that accompany the human experience. From the exhilaration of love to the heartache of loss and the renewal that follows, Soul Gaze’s dual versions of It All Exists offer a profound exploration of the multifaceted nature of our emotions.

Listen to It All Exists above, check out the acoustic version below, and find Miki Agrawal on her website, Facebook and Instagram.


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