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Chris Ricketts Sails The Shanty Seas With Haul Away

The singer-songwriter revives his Sea Shanty project & reveals Canadian tour dates.


Chris Ricketts and the Worldwide Shanty Project return with their take on Haul Away Joe — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I started the worldwide shanty project during the lockdown,” Ricketts explains. “I had an extensive tour crossing four different countries and was due to see many old friends over the two months… Unfortunately, the lockdown stopped the tour, so I had to get creative on singing with friends.”

The project’s first release was an original Ricketts shanty titled All Stand Together. It featured singers from over ten countries and garnered over 70,000 views on Facebook, as well as the endorsement of six-time BBC Folk Award winner John Tams. As voted on by the community, Haul Away Joe will be the project’s second release — and will appear on Ricketts’ upcoming fifth album Go To Sea No More, due Sept. 8.

Musicians and laymen the world are invited to partake and sing along, following three simple rules:

1 | Use headphones when recording yourself, so it’s only your vocal in the video.

2 | Sing in harmony or unison, and don’t hesitate to take a verse.

3 | Have fun!

Chris Ricketts
That Old Golden River – Album Launch Show – 30th December 2019

The Worldwide Shanty Project has helped cement Ricketts’ status as an internationally acclaimed 21st-century shanty singer. After making his mark as a semi-finalist in the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards, Ricketts has spent years perfecting his shanty craft in immersive fashion, performing on cruise ships. Now a touring musician and part-time secondary school teacher, his passion for performing has allowed him to travel the world with his self-penned songs and new takes of traditional shanties alike.

Go To Sea No More will feature recordings of Ricketts’ live performances from across the East Coast of Canada. Known for his quick-witted comedy, clever songwriting and unique delivery of classic shanties, the album captures all of the mirth of Ricketts’ celebrated live performances. This summer, he has an impressive roster of festivals and concerts booked across the U.K., Canada and Poland.

Check out Haul Away Joe above, hear more from Chris Ricketts and see his Canadian tour dates below, and sail over to his website, Facebook and Twitter.

Chris Ricketts’ Canadian Tour Dates

Aug. 2 | Carleton, Halifax
Aug. 4-6 | Campobello Fogfest, Campobello Island, NB
Aug. 8 | St. Andrew’s Brewing Co., St. Andrew’s, NB
Aug. 9 | Gridiron Taproom, Hampton, NB
Aug. 10 | Fundy Shanty Night, Saint John, NB
Aug. 11 | Fundy Trail Cookhouse, Salmon River, NB
Aug. 12-14 | Fundy Shanty Festival, Saint Martins, NB
Aug. 16 | Dawn Oman Art Gallery, Bridgetown, NS
Aug. 17 | Square Theatre,New Glasgow, NS
Aug. 18 | Coal Shed Festival, Yarmouth, NS
Aug. 19 | Betty’s At The Kitch, Mahone Bay, NS
Aug. 20 | Arts Centre, Great Village, NS
Aug. 21 | Guysborough Waterfront, Gunwborough, NS


Chris Ricketts
That Old Golden River – Album Launch Show – 30th December 2019
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