Thursday Mixtape | About 140 Songs That Have It Together (Side 1)

Based on today’s semi-tsunami of submissions, it looks like everyone’s finally back at work. Too bad I still have holiday head — and expect to downshift into weekend mode any minute now. But before that happens, let’s blast through this roster of nearly 140 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances. As usual, you won’t find most of them anywhere else. Also as usual, your Tinnitist-approved treats are tagged with a ⭐️. Got it? Good! Let’s get it:



1Bush Tetras | Bird on a Wire

2DZ Deathrays | My Mind Is Eating Me Alive

3Teenage Fanclub | Tired Of Being Alone

4Kristin Hersh | Ms Haha

5William Matheny | Down At The Hotel Canfield

6Mary Jane Dunphe | Stage of Love

7Oliver Ghoul | Current Affairs

8Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes | Dead Eyes, Clapping In Unison

9C.O.F.F.I.N | Give Me A Bite

10Hansaphonics | The Book

11Journey & Herbie Hancock | Roadrunner (Live on The Midnight Special 1979)

12James Brown | Payback (Live on The Midnight Special 1974)

13Billy Bragg | Tank Park Salute (Live on the Tonight Show 1992)

14The Kinks | Supersonic Rocket Ship

15The Particles | Dresses and Shoes

16Bethany Cosentino | For A Moment

17Traindodge | Face Thieves

18Fran Lobo | Armour

19Mountain Goats | Jam Eater Blues

20The Darkness | Black Shuck (Demo)

21Silversun Pickups | I’m The Man

22The Handsome Family | Skunks

23Dirty Ass | Masturbasi Pembangkang Delusional

24The Faithful Brothers | Dance My Hurt Away + Crying Clown

25Tacos! | Chin Up, Tits Out