Doug MacNaughton Dips Into The Well Of Friendship

The Toronto singer-songwriter celebrates the power of the human connection.

Doug MacNaughton encourages you to drink deep from The Well Of Friendship in his new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Toronto folk-pop singer-songwriter’s second single — which draws on the celebration of human connection — is literally a dream come true: The opening riff coming to MacNaughton while he was sleeping. When he opened his eyes the following morning, he grabbed his guitar, and this single was born. The result is a single full of joy and upbeat vibes that showcases MacNaughton’s myriad talents.

The musical multi-tasker dips into his box of musical hats, offering lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, and penny whistle throughout. Support arrives from Jessica Stuart on backing vocals, guitars, bass, and percussion, plus Ryan Granville-Martin contributing backing vocals, drums, and percussion. The three work excellently together under MacNaughton’s leadership. Lyrically, it’s simple, but that’s what makes it great. A clear message allows overlaying musicianship to shine right on through:

“Visit the well of friendship
Drink deep of what keeps you sane
Friends have peace, hope, love to share
Forget your worries, forget your pain
Forget your worries; forget your pain.”

“There are lots of songs about love, but not so many songs celebrating friendship — to me, friends are as necessary to life as water, and the image of friendship as well as a community’s source of water, just came to me right away. The first time I tried that opening riff on the 12-string, it gave me a total Genesis or Harmonium vibe! I loved it, and we kept it in the recording. You may catch a Beatles reference in there, and this is also one of the only songs that use the words’ existential ennui’ successfully.”

Originally from Brandon, MacNaughton’s spark for music began when he first heard Mike Oldfield’s 1973 album Tubular Bells. Fascinated by Oldfield’s ability to perform every instrument, MacNaughton found this multi-instrumentalist songwriting adventure something he would love to pursue. Armed with a background in performing and a love for all things rock and jazz, MacNaughton began to develop his songwriting talent five years ago, leading him to be a regular face in and around the Toronto music scene. He plans to release his first album in 2023.

Watch the video for The Well Of Friendship above, listen to the song below, and make friends with Doug MacNaughton on his website, Facebook and Instagram.