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Albums Of The Week: The Bevis Frond | Long Stuff


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Long Stuff was originally issued in 2002 as a CD-only limited edition of 110 copies for members of The Bevis Frond Online Community. It comprised a select batch of lengthy, previously unissued tracks. Some of these were home demos featuring just Frond frontman Nick Saloman on all instruments and vocals. There was also an unused track recorded for the 1995 album Superseeder featuring Ade Shaw on bass and Andy Ward on drums. Since then, The Long Stuff has never been reissued in any format. Until now.

“Due to certain circumstances, one of the original tracks could not be used, so that has been replaced by a different unheard demo called Here’s A Little Love Song,” says Saloman. “Also, we have added three further unissued tracks, another home demo called Skyline Commander, plus a leftover song from the sessions for the recently released Little Eden album called Yet Another. Finally, we felt compelled to add a storming 24-minute live version of the classic track Superseded, recorded at Cardigan’s Doctor Sardonicus festival in 2019.

“So, to sum up, the first album of this double set features all bar one of the tracks that were previously on the original Long Stuff CD in 2002, while the second album entirely comprises previously unreleased material. Hopefully, this will be a more than welcome addition to any self-respecting Frond fan’s collection.”