Awake Awake Kicks Off A New Day For Jayme Stone

The banjo player changes course on his forthcoming experimental album AWake.

Jayme Stone invites us along on his journey to a new sonic and emotional landscape with his new single and video Awake Awake — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The newest song to land ahead of his forthcoming LP AWake, the song serves as a prescient preview for what’s to come from Stone’s new album as he breaks new ground, moving from folk musician and composer to experimental pop singer and producer. Available Aug. 28, AWake offers unique tonal palette blends with deft storytelling and disarmingly honest lyrics to create a sonic world both eminently engaging and full of nuance and surprise.

“For years I knew I had these songs in me,” Stone shares. “Like I had a premonition that some future me was driving backwards in time, full of songs, and at some point, we’d meet.”

Photo by Shervin Lainez.

The work marks a creative rebirth for Stone, who is best known for his banjo playing and world-wise roots albums like Africa to Appalachia, Lomax Project, and Folklife. Now we hear Stone singing, playing guitar and OP 1 (a micro-synth, sampler and sequencer). He captures and sculpts sounds — felted piano, bass clarinet, analog synths and sequencers — until they’re hazy and unrecognizable. Sounds and styles cross-pollinate: The warm glow of a Prophet synth, surround sound back-up vocals and a bridge that draws from spoken word.

AWake features Felicity Williams (Bahamas), Jason Burger (Big Thief), Daniela Gesundheit (Feist), Jason Linder (David Bowie), Alec Spielgelman (Cuddle Magic) and more. It was co-produced by Stone and David Travers-Smith, his longtime collaborator who has recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced all of Stone’s records.

Watch Awake Awake above, listen to more of Jayme Stone’s work below, and keep up with him via his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Shervin Lainez.