The Wandering Off Return In The Knick Of Time

The Calgary duo embed a personal tale in a big rock anthem for their latest single.

The Wandering Off are back to rock your world in the Knick Of Time, their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The third single from Calgary husband-and-wife duo Emily and Kyle Corner’s debut album as The Wandering Off, the energized track embeds lyrics about mental health into a big, loud rock anthem written from the heart.

“The story of Knick Of Time is a personal one for us”, explains Emily. “It’s an inspirational tale from the other side of conquering a difficult time as there are so many people that struggle — and we can’t forget about the people who hold up and save someone they love through a dark time. Anyone can be anyone’s hero.”

The rock couple’s debut — released in March — is the product of an unexpected creative burst that emerged during the pandemic. Fueled by the chemistry of a long-term relationship and their shared musical passions and talents, Emily and Kyle produced a record that captures a nostalgic sound with a unique twist.

Photo by Rocket Grid Studio.

“There would be no record if Emily didn’t become my superhero,” says Kyle. “Many things saved me during that dark period and now music is one of them.”

The talented couple recorded most of the new album in their home studio before recruiting mixing engineer Warne Livesey to add some of his own flavour and refinement to their recordings. The duo also worked with Blake Manning on drums at Noble Street Studios. “We were big fans of Warne’s work, and he took a chance on us,” says Kyle. “He is a sound wizard! We learned so much from him. He added some polish to our recordings, and we were ecstatic working with him.”

The Calgarians are grateful for all their success, and are enjoying the closeness this experience is bringing them, referring to it as “the ultimate date night!” Their sound draws inspiration from bands such as Garbage, Hole and Letters to Cleo. Vocally raw and gritty with memorable hooks and melodies, this record captures an emotional, fresh yet familiar sound.

Watch the video for Knick Of Time above, check out their album below, and catch up with The Wandering Off at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.


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