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Next Week in Music | May 8-14 • The Long List: 400-Plus Releases On The Way

Let there be drums — along with all these upcomong albums, EPs singles & more.

May 7 is a big day for drummers: Arctic Monkeys stickman Matt Helders celebrates his 37th birthday, Tubes drummer Prairie Prince turns 73, Grateful Dead percussionist Bill Kreutzmann hits 74, and New York Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan would have been 77. That should give you plenty of listening options for the day. And the 400-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving soon should give you plenty more for the rest of the week:



Rez Abbasi | Charm
The Acacia Strain | Failure Will Follow
The Acacia Strain | Step Into the Light
Acidgvrl | Gloomytunes EP
Zoe Ackah | This Hen
Terry Adams & Steve Ferguson | Louisville Sluggers Reissue
Aespa | My World
Aika | Sakura Overdose
Benjamin Alard | The Complete Works for Keyboard 8: Köthen, 1717-1723
Alien Tango | Kinda Happy, Kinda Sad
Alonelyness | Sweetheart Water
Ambient Warrior | II
American Love Songs | American Love Songs
The Amity Affliction | Not Without My Ghosts
Animal Collective | A Night at Mr. Raindrop’s Holistic Supermarket
Animal Collective | Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’re Vanished Reissue
Willis Anne | Comfort Zone
Victoria Anthony | New Disaster
APB | Three
Apollo Suns | Pluto Single
Arizona | Arizona
Arnold & Lane | Hello Sweetheart
Ascended Dead | Evenfall of the Apocalypse
Ashinoa | L’Orée
Rick Astley | Hold Me In Your Arms Deluxe Edition
Astro | High On EP
Astrodeath | Vol. II
Asvnder | From The Ocean, As Tall As The Sky
Atzur | Nostalgia
Bryce Avary & The Rocket Summer | Shadowkasters
Yulianna Avdeeva | Resilience
Averlanche | Arctic Atlas
Chase B | Ring Ring (ft. Quavo, Ty Dolla $ign, Don Toliver & Travis Scott) Single
Aidan Baker, Stacy Taylor, John Colpitts | Trio Not Trio: Yn Gyntaf
Stu Bangas and Recognize Ali | Guerilla Dynasty 2
Seán Barna | An Evening at Macri Park
Lars Bartkuhn | Dystopia
Battle Born | Blood, Fire, Magic & Steel
Bazrah | Validation EP
Bbno$ & Yung Gravy | Goodness Gracious
Bee Bee Sea | Time & Time Single
Bézier & Len.Leo | Wax & Wane EP
George Birge | Mind On You
Jo Bissa x Kan | Mourgat Pé Dansé
Bruno Blanc | Papi Chulo
Blawan | Dismantled Into Juice
Bluetech | Spacehop Chronicles 2: Echoes Of Orion
Blutengel | Un​:​Sterblich – Our Souls Will Never Die
Bohannons | Night Construction Vinyl
RP Boo | Legacy Vol. 2
Bring The Hoax | Single Coil Candy
Michael Jerome Browne | Gettin’ Together
Ane Brun | Songs 2013-2023
The Buff Medways | A Box of Buffs
Burial Clouds | Last Days Of A Dying World
BC Camplight | The Last Rotation Of Earth
Belinda Carlisle | Kismet EP
Jeff Carson | 448
Cattle Decapitation | Terrasite
Cesare vs Disorder | Robot Backpack EP
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean | Obsession Destruction
The Chantays | A Dawning Sun
Che | CC
City Morgue | My Bloody America
CloudNone | Almost Weightless
Cloudy June | 21st Century Princess
Club Eat | Start
Bruce Cockburn | O Sun O Moon
George Coleman Quintet | Live At Small’s Jazz Club
Combat Beach | Effortlessly Cool
L Con | The Isolator
Savannah Conley | Playing The Part Of You Is Me
Brent Cordero & Peter Kerlin | A Sublime Madness
Dom Corleo | On My Own
Charlotte Cornfield | Could Have Done Anything
Lonely Cortell | Seven Worlds, Pt. 2
The Courettes | Boom! Dynamite (An Introduction To The Fabulous Courettes)
Peter Cox | Seaglass
Craven Faults | Standers
Crazy Arm | Floating Bones Single
Cronos Compulsion | Malicious Regression
Crosstown Rebels | CR20 The Album: Unreleased Gems and Remixes
Eliana Cuevas | Seré Libre
Daft Punk | Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition
Etienne Daho | Tirer La Nuit Sure Les Étoiles
Lauren Daigle | Lauren Daigle
Daisies | Great Big Open Sky
Kevin Daniel | The Life and Adventures of Kevin Daniel,
The Dark Side Of The Moon | Metamorphosis
Daughters Of Sophia | ソ​フ​ィ​ア​の​娘​た​ち
David Deacon | Four
Dead Bars | Sinkhole EP
Dead’s Grudge (厄鬼 | 亡​者​之​恨) | 厄鬼
Dead Shape Figure | The Sworn Book
Death’s Dynamic Shroud | Blue Ocean
De-Bons-en-Pierre | Card Short Of A Full Deck
Dedboii Kez | Dedlyfe 2
Delawness | Waves & Pain
Mac DeMarco | Five Easy Hot Dogs Vinyl
Detective | Detective Reissue
DevilDriver | Dealing With Demons Vol. II
Fatoumata Diawara | London Ko
Bas Dobbelaer | Layers Of Territory
The Doppelgangaz | Beats For Brothels, Vol. 6
Dragnet | The Accession
Dreamcastmoe | Sound Is Like Water, 202% THC Remix Package
Dropkick Murphys | Okemah Rising
Duke & Goldie | Duke & Goldie
Duskwood | The Last Voyage
Bokani Dyer | Radio Sechaba
Dylan | Love Is War
Eabs Meets Jaubi | In Search Of A Better Tomorrow
Ebi Soda | Ugh Bonus Edition
Echoes of Zoo | Speech Of Species
Amy May Ellis | Over Ling And Bell
Eluvium | (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality
Les Épopées / Stéphane Fuget | Charpentier: Auprès Du Feu L’on Fait L’amour
Esben And The Witch | Hold Sacred
Esoctrilhum | Astraal Constellations of the Majickal Zodiac
Exitium | Imperitous March For Abysmal Glory
Fairytale | Shooting Star
Feral Family | Playtest EP
Xeno Fiji | Disbelief
Alfie Firmin | Absentee
The Flame | Towards The Flame​,​ ​Vol. 1
Béla Fleck, Edgar Meyer, and Zakir Hussain ft. Rakesh Chaurasia | As We Speak
Alexander Flood | Oscillate
The Flowers Of Hell | Foray Through Keshakhtaran
Followship | Stigma
Frankie Ford | Sea Cruise: The Complete Releases 1958-62
James Ellis Ford | The Hum
Pete Francis | Ptrn Sky!
Wila Frank | Black Cloud
Fredda | Phosph​è​ne
Chloe Gallardo | Defamator
John Eliot Gardiner | The Complete Erato Recordings
Teri Gender Bender | Catspeak EP
The Gibraltarians | Apocryphal Sounds
LP Giobbi | Light Places
Girli | Why Am I Like This?? EP
Gnawing | Modern Survival Techniques
Godsnake | Eye For An Eye
Alison Goldfrapp | The Love Invention
Gonemage | Astral Corridors
Mike Gordon | Flying Games
Roxy Gordon | Crazy Horse Never Died Reissue
Grave Desecrator | Immundissime Spiritus
Grave Guy | Catalyst… The Fire!!
The Great Gray Funk | The Great Gray Funk
Benny Green | Solo
Mattia Greggio | Night
Charlie Hall | Invisible Ink
Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints | Bridge Of Love
Harriet | The Outcome
Hasard | Malivore
Ron Hawkins | Trash Talkin’ At The Speed Of Sound EP
Heavenly | Le Jardin de Heavenly
Heavens Edge | Get It Right
The Heavy Heavy | Life And Life Only Expanded Edition Vinyl
Heem | From the Cradle To The Game
Hex A.D. | Delightful Sharp Edges
Becky Hill & Lewis Thompson | Side Effects
Hingada | So Disappear
Deante’ Hitchcock | Once Upon A Time
Dorian Holley, Nayanna Holley | DNA
Axel Holy × Badhabitz | Persian Grillz
Holy Blood | The Patriot 15th Anniversary Edition
Hot Mulligan | Why Would I Watch
HueMen | King EP
IAMX | Fault Lines
MC Icy | Shapes
Iguana Death Cult | Echo Palace
Impetuous Ritual | Iniquitous Barbarik Synthesis
Industrial Puke | Born Into The Twisting Rope
Elli Ingram | Bad Behaviour
Iress | Solace
Iri | Private
Ish | The Ancient Benefits of Rhythm and Repetition
Island of Love | Island of Love
Jabee | I Am Good Enough
Soren Jahan | 137
Kito Jempere | Strong Accent
Jonas Brothers | The Album
J1nabae | Headaches Deluxe
Brogan Johnson | Visible Noise
Hank Jones | The Savoy Albums Collection
Marc Jonson & Ramirez Exposure | Turning On The Century Vol. 2
Kabeaushé | The Comming of Gaze
Katakoto | Neutract
Kaytraminé | Kaytraminé
Cole Kempcke | Experiment
Kesmar | Always Chasing Rainbow
Kid Yugi | Quarto di Bue
Kindelan | You Can Reach Me If You Try
The Kingsnakes | Live At The Old Waldorf June 5, 1981
Sarah Kinsley | Lovegod
Kosi | To Wydarzyło Się Naprawdę Oprócz Tego Co Zmyśliłem
Kre^u | Kre^u
Ky | Power Is The Pharmacy
Lake Nakoma | Lake Nakoma
Bryan Lanning | She Is
Emilie Cecilia LeBel | Field Studies
Left To Suffer | Feral
Letieres Leite & Orkestra Rumpilezz | Moacir De Todos Os Santos
Doug Levitt | Edge Of Everywhere
Lil Durk | All My Life
Lil Durk | Almost Healed
Limbo District | Encased
Little Hurt | Lovely Hours
Little Image | Little Image
Lucy Liyou | Dog Dreams (​개​꿈​)
Lo-Fi Lilypad | This Time Single
Los3r | I’m Lost Without U
Lovejoy | Wake Up & It’s Over
Luchè | Dove Volano Le Aquile, Vol. 2
Lucyyylalarosé | The Heartbreak
The Machine | Wave Cannon
Machine Gun Kelly | Mainstream Sellout Live From Cleveland
Chris Madsen | The Trio Book
Magic Wands | Switch
The Malpass Brothers | Lonely Street
Maorooro | Empires
Svetlana Maraš | Live Performance 2019-2020
Lisa Marné | Like Young! Reissue
JasonMartin & Harry Fraud | Family Tree
Dan Mason (ダン·メイソン) | I’ll Be Alright
Parker McCollum | Never Enough
Madison McFerrin | I Hope You Can Forgive Me
Mean Season | Go To Hell
Meau | 22
M.E.D. | Long Live Love Single
Memorials | Music For Film: Tramps! & Women Against The Bomb
Memotone | How Was Your Life?
Midwife & Vyva Melinkolya | Orbweaving
Ben Miller | Feathers of Ma’at
Rob I. Miller | Companion Piece
Parker Millsap | Wilderness Within You
Mirani | The Drift
Mission In Black | Profit Reigns Supreme
Jossy Mitsu | Planet J II
Moby | Resound NYC
Victoria Monét | Party Girls Single
Helen Money & Will Thomas | Trace
The Moody Blues | Royal Albert Hall Concert December 1969 Deluxe Edition
The Moody Blues | To Our Children’s Children’s Children Deluxe Edition
Moongold | Modern Life
R. Stevie Moore | On Earth
More More Jump! | Worldwide Wonder / Metamo Re:born
Mounika | Don’t Look At Me
Michael Martin Murphey | Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir 50th Anniversary Edition
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm | Murmur Of The Bath Spirits EP
Carlo Muscat & Tony Tixier | Hymns
Never Ending Game | Outcry
The New Atlas | Reset
Nick & June | Beach Baby, Baby EP
Nighthawk | Prowler
Nike | Nicole: Live at the Wiltern
Nico Niquo | Esperanto
Andrew North & The Rangers | Thanks for the Warning Vol. 1
Kristian North | Pseudoscience Fiction
Nothing But Thieves | Overcome
NøtInVain | Lost In The Sheraton
Nuclear Tourism | Nuclear Tourism EP
Nu Vintage | Vibrations In Color
Aoife O’Donovan | Age of Apathy Solo Sessions
Ofege | Try And Love Reissue
Omnerod | The Amensal Rise
Oneus | Pygmalion
Onkos | Vascular Labyrinth
Orbel | Lur Hezea Reworks
Oreox4 | Everything’s Always About Me
Oval | Romantiq
Overmono | Good Lies
MD Pallavi & Andi Otto | Songs for Broken Ships
Keke Palmer | Big Boss
Montel Palmer | S​ü​dstadt
Paola & Chiara | Persempre
Pap Chanel | Paptivities
Parister | Here’s What You Wonder
Arlo Parks | Pegasus
Pasocom Music Club | Fine Line
Meghan Patrick | Greatest Show On Dirt EP
Potter Payper | Real Back In Style
Phoam | Disclosure
Pissabed Prophet | Pissabed Prophet
Pnau, Bebe Rexha & Ozuna | Stars Single
Jonny Polonsky | Rise Of The Rebel Angels
Polypores | Ecco
Jean-Luc Ponty | Open Mind Reissue
Keegan Powell | Fear Be Gone
Profeci | Ub​ó​stwo
Queens of the Stone Age | Emotion Sickness
Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Solar Arkestra | Space Is The Place: Music From The Original Soundtrack
Ragers | Missed Calls From Home
Rahill | Flowers At Your Feet
Ran Nir | Greener Pastures Reissue
David Rees | Memeland
ReMark ★ | Compulsion
RiskR | Goodnight Remastered
Rites | No Change Without Me
Ritual Howls | Virtue Falters
Roadwolf | Midnight Lightning
The Rocket Summer | Shadowkasters
Libby Rodenbough | Between the Blades
Ronker | Self Loathing Self Help
Aria Rostami | Allegory
Artie Roth | Resonants
The Rough & Tumble | Only This Far
Run-DMC | Tougher Than Letter Vinyl Reissue
Russ | Chomp 2.5
RVO Soundhouse | Meals
Sacrilegious Impalement | IV: Infinite Victor
Sadeyes | Glitchy EP
Gareth Sager | Maelstrom In The Bare Garden
Bobby Sanabria Multiverse Big Band | Vox Humana
Tre $avage | #snow_white
Conrad Schnitzler | Cas-Con II: Konzert in der Erl​ö​serkirche, Ost​-​Berlin, 3​.​9​.​1986
Scruffpuppie | If Jodi Could Breathe
2nd Face | utOpium
Seprock / DJ Prominent | Slaps
Sergeant | Sergeant
Sexmob | The Hard Way
El Shirota | Ni Siquiera Estamos Listos Para Hablar
Vivek Shraya | Baby, You’re Projecting
Eric Silverman | Stay In It
Jeffrey Silverstein | Western Sky Music
Simesky+Fritch | Colour Running Away
Sister Ray | Teeth EP
Sky of Fire | Sky of Fire
Brian Slagel | Swing of the Blade: More Stories from Metal Blade Records Book
The Slumbering | When We Forget It Repeats
Snotty | Mi Vida Loca
Softee | Natural
Soft Cell | Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret…And Other Stories: Live
Softlung | Second Chances
So Nice Yesterday | Chant
Sorry Mom | Babyface
Dele Sosimi | You No Fit Touch Am Deluxe Edition
Soulkeeper | Holy Design
The South Hill Experiment | Moonshots
Souza | Y’all Don’t Know
Space Ghost | Aquarium Nightclub Reworks
Spells | What The Hell Is Caution + Some Would Say EP
Rick Springfield | Springfield Deluxe Edition
Stetcher | Stetcher
Colin Stetson | When We Were That What Wept for the Sea
Sly Stone | Family Soul Sessions: The Rare 45 RPMs ’63​-​’66
Chuck Strangers | The Boys & Girls EP
Janaka Stucky | Ascend Ascend: Live in Seattle with Lori Goldston
Studio Murena | WadiruM
Suarasama | Timeline Reissue
Sub Focus | Evolve
Submarine Man | Palace of Feet
Sugar For The Pill | Colours
$uicideboy$ | Yin Yang Tapes: Summer Season (1989-1990) EP
Summer 2000 | Ellie Kemper
Sunbeam Overdrive | Diama
Supertaste | Dunston
Symphony Orchestra | Radiant Music
Symposium Musicum | Symposium Musicum
Synthfreq | Vol. 1
Tears For Fears | The Hurting 40th Anniversary Edition
There Were Wires | There Were Wires Deluxe Edition
Th13teen | Siren Sister
Thirty Seconds To Mars | Stuck Single
The Three O’Clock | Baroque Hoedown Remastered & Expanded
Cal Tjader | Huracan
Totek | ttk. 1
Kasper Tranberg | Nobody’s Heart
Joey Trap | Sweet
The Tunnel | Shudder
2 Minute Minor | Blood On Our Front Stoop Fifth Anniversary Edition
2Poos | One Loud Fart Remastered
Unmaker | Limb From Limb
The Upland Band | Living In Paradise
Usnea | Bathed in Light
The Vampires | Nightjar
Armin van Buuren | A State of Trance 2023
Vanity Mirror | Dandelion Wish
Various Artists | Cease & Resist: Sonic Subversion & Anarcho Punk In The UK 1979​-​86
Various Artists | Fluxus & NeoFluxus / Stolen Symphony Vol. 1
Various Artists (ft. Celine Dion) | Love Again Soundtrack
Various Artists | KPOP Broadway Cast Recording
Various Artists | Milk! Records Remixed Vol. 1
Veil of Maya | [m]other
Emy Vuitton | Unreliable Narrator
VVS | Blood Diamonds
Leon Vynehall | Rosebud / Black Dove EP
Rick Wade | My Soul EP
War | The Remixes EP
Waterbaby | 22º Halo
Watts | Flash Of White Light​ / Black Heart Of Rock N Roll Bundle
Waveform* | Antarctica
Scott Weiland | 12 Bar Blues Digital Deluxe Edition
Vic Willems | Wachten Tot Het Fout Gaat
Reid Willis | Sediment
Wino | Wino: The Documentary
Remi Wolf | Prescription
Nat & Alex Wolff | Table for Two
Worth | Worth
Nathan Xander | Three Waltzes
Yeule | Sulky Baby Single
Deva Yoder | Be Well
Zac | Zac II
Sam Zalta | Memento Mori
Zedned | Used
Bailey Zimmerman | Religiously. The Album.