Audience Of Rain Deliver A Shot Of Antivenom

The Akron rockers strike back at the snakes in their life with their latest single.

Audience Of Rain get under your skin with their new single and video Antivenom — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Almost everyone has faced a toxic person or had someone in their life who was just a disease. Antivenom aims to capture the idea that the listener is above people like that, the song compares the toxic person to a snake and how they have a hold on you and are always lurking and waiting to strike. The message: If you can find your antivenom then people like that can’t have a hold on you. Ultimately, you are your own antivenom to people like that and owe them nothing:

“You’re dead and gone and now I’m taking it back,
Done with all the days of being under attack,
God damn pushing and pulling me back,
Now it’s time to see my way there’s nothing holding me back,
I am the antivenom, I am the antivenom.”

Audience Of Rain are a driving modern rock band from Akron. They draw from their hard rock, metal and metalcore roots to build a modern sound with imaginative lyrics fueled by mutual passion. Audience Of Rain provide a message of togetherness, that even when isolated, we all share common frustrations and fears, hopes and dreams, and in that sense, that we are never abandoned or alone.

The group released their first full-length album Storm Of The Century in 2019, followed by a cover of Larger Than Life by Backstreet Boys. In 2021, the band released Discord, featuring Jayden Panesso of Sylar, and the single Earth // Decay. Since signing to Affiant Records, they have released the tracks Hell Or High Time and Antivenom. While constantly reaching higher and working to further hone their sound, Audience Of Rain invite you to #jointheaudience.

​Audience Of Rain includes Cody Griffin (vocals), Matt Snider (lead guitar), Paul Fessler (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Steve Neuge (bass) and Alex Kornas (drums). They shared the stage with bands such as Nonpoint, Gemini Syndrome, Bobaflex and Saving Abel, and have played major shows and festivals such as Ink In the Clink (Inkcarceration Festival), Summit Music Festival 2021, Electric City Music Conference Scranton and LAUNCH Music Conference 2023.

Watch the video for Antivenom above, hear more from Audience Of Rain below, and catch up with them on their website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.


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