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Now Hear This: Clavicule | Full Of Joy

Mindlessy happy it is not. But evan as the French indie-rockers tackle tough topics on their wiry and energized sophomore set, they try not to lose their sense of hope.


THE TRANSLATED & EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Full Of Joy, the sophomore album from French foursome Clavicule, gives way to more mature compositions, tinged with refined and assertive influences from groups on the current scene like Amyl and The Sniffers, Idles and La Luz.

Guitars, sometimes very noisy, sometimes very melodic, bring the nuances that underline the subject of the songs. But the major thrust of the group and the album lies in its diverse sonic palette, which puts a brighter spotlight on the plural musical signature of Clavicule. That’s no accident; the group sought to deepen their musical footprint, while preserving the characteristic ardor of the first album.

This second opus is also marked by the growing maturity and importance given to their lyrics. Displaying the commitment of the four Rennes residents, theese songs address strong themes such as ecology, the antagonism between happiness and depression, relationships with oneself and others, wars and the frantic race for technology. These words are like a compendium of the anxieties that human beings face and against which it is essential to find joy in order to grow and move forward. Always carried by the hoarse voice of Marius, these texts give voice to a melancholic rage, instilled with a desire to move forward with optimism. This is how, centered on the idea of contrast, the group chose to call this album Full Of Joy.”


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