Weekend Mixtape | More Than 220 Songs That Are Too Good To Miss (Side 9)


All things considered, it’s been a fairly calm day. I almost wrote that it had been quiet — but you can’t really say that about a day that includes 220 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances. As usual, you won’t see or hear most of these goodies anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ☘️. Good luck:



1☘️ Axel Thesleff | Island Live, Pt. V: Midnight

2☘️ Slam | The Crossing

3☘️ Mira Ló | Sparks

4_less | Last Festival

5Natalia Damini, Tito Jackson | Attitude

6Mounika. | 20

7Leucrocuta | Chastity Platinum: Dead Scream

8Sean Allen Fenn & the Maids of Dishonor | The Science of Romance

9☘️ Ormiston | Distortion Of Reality

10Regard, Ella Henderson | No Sleep

11Coi Leray, David Guetta | Players (David Guetta Remix)

12☘️ Cima Muta | Purple Demon

13Absen | Yoch

14Aluna & TSHA | Killing Me

15Stephenson | A Journey into the Unknown

16☘️ Shu | Nod

17Super Db | Back To Me

18Gina Été | Nonchalant

19☘️ Lead Into gold | She Lies Beyond

20Sorza | Ego Dissolution (Trinist Remix)

21Omaar & Cid Rim | Formato Funky

22L’Isle | L’azur (ft. Samito)

23Dino Lenny | I’ve Learned That

24Mattra | Be Happy + Soso