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Calico | A Midnight Moon: Exclusive Album Premiere

The B.C. band sit at the crossroads where Dylan & Simon jam with The War On Drugs.

Calico seduce you under A Midnight Moon with the style, substance and subtle sophistication of their stunning and essential new studio album — previewing exclusively on Tinnitist.

The B.C. band’s third release and the yin-yang complement to 2021’s Under A Sudden Sun, A Midnight Moon captures the veteran quartet at the height of their considerable powers, skillfully blending folk, rock, pop, Americana and more into a gorgeous sonic netherworld where Bob Dylan and Paul Simon jam with The War On Drugs. Impeccably crafted yet living in the moment, richly layered yet rustic, these songs are fashioned from textured rhythms that ebb and flow, gorgeous guitars that glisten and shimmer, and lightly dusted vocals spinning starry-eyed, poetic lyrics. The result: A masterclass in songwriting and performance that simultaneously soothes and mesmerizes you with all the understated elegance and timeless perfection of a full moon on a warm summer night. Which is pretty much what they were going for.

A Midnight Moon is about the magic and mystery of the night,” the explain. “It is a gentle nod to the quiet thoughts that arise in our minds as the moon slowly appears in the night sky. A peaceful yet powerful time. One in which evokes a rawness deep inside of all of us that we so rarely get to release. It is for those soul searchers and dreamers still following the stars. Waiting to be guided into warm arms.

“The hope is that the nostalgic and deeply poetic dreamy music created by Calico moves you. Maybe it reminds you of a place or a feeling, a lover, your childhood dog, a walk with an old friend on a starry night, or maybe those you miss most in life and don’t see enough. May it bring you joy, peace, and love.”

Based in Victoria and Vancouver, Calico formed at the start of the pandemic. This group of seasoned musicians features Juno-nominated professionals who have played in bands like Mazacote, The Paperboys, Kutapira, Coco Jafro, Los Duendes, I’m The Living, Buckman Coe, Tonye Aganaba, The Boom Booms and more. Singer and guitarist Tony Cecchetti is a folk and Americana artist who moved to B.C. from Berkeley in 2010 for university and never left. Music is an outlet for him to tell a story, convey a memory, and share the deep emotions and ideas that move him through life. Drummer Chris Couto is a respected, dependable session musician, producer and arranger who earned a Juno nomination for World Album Of The Year in 2021 with the group Mazacote. Bassist JeanSe Le Doujet has known and worked with Cuoto for years, holding down the rhythm section for various bands in Vancouver. Last but not least, lead guitarist Will Lloyd’s dreamy and sophisticated guitar lines are a big part of the band’s vibe. He has an organic way of feeding into the music, taking you on a journey from the first note.

The band stretched their creative process to the brink for this release, writing the new music within the confines of their own separate homes during the isolation of the pandemic. Check out A Midnight Moon and watch the video for Don’t You Stray above, hear more from Calico below and keep up with them at their website, Facebook and Instagram.


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