Feez Da Popstar Turns On Da Charm With All I Need Is

The rapper shares another sneak peek at his upcoming album Life Of A Popstar.

Feez Da Popstar dishes up a romantic rap for Valentine’s Day with his new single All I Need Is — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

When you realize what type of love that you want and need for yourself, it is only natural to want to show that love to the world. All I Need Is accomplishes this in two ways: One is through the American rapper’s casual and sincere rap delivery. The other is with K-pop singer Seeon Kang‘s soothing featured vocals, which add to the courtship going on in the lyrics.

“You my boo no other
Had to figure out had to discover
Your my only one my only lover
Closer than my sister father and mother
Out in the open no undercover
But when do our thing its under the covers.”

Feez Da Popstar confirms the song is a confession of love, stating: “This song is about finally realizing you love someone and realize you have to tell them. You need to express your love, make a public declaration and want everyone to hear it.”

On the latest preview from his upcoming album Life of A Popstar, due for release this summer, Feez shows that being true to what you really feel can be worth it, displaying a softer side of hip-hop that he feels is rarely seen these days. “Today, when Rap expresses love for someone it’s very aggressive and at times vulgar with no romantic moments in it,” he says. “But if you go back decades in music when you expressed love for someone and wanted to get with someone you talked to them. You spoke to their soul. I wanted to create that same feeling in my lyrics.”

Feez Da Popstar is the alter ego of DJ Jay Faire, who hails from New York but now divides his time between in North Carolina and Honolulu. He got his start making mixes and working club shows. By channeling the energy from his DJ work, Feez Da Popstar began performing and producing his own material. Soon, he would be featured on songs by top artists, including Lil’ Wayne’s Pump It featuring Casey, Chris Brown’s Shine For Me and New BoysYou’re A Jerk remix.

These features would allow Feez to start finding his voice before he released his debut single Fly Away, which would be remixed by Tiesto and associates. His next single Take Me Home would peak at No. 9 on the Digital Radio Tracker independent Chart. His most popular track to date is Down For You (Party Get Lit), an infectious high-energy party anthem that combines hip-hop with EDM pop.

Check out All I Need Is above, hear more from Feez Da Popstar below and find him at his website and Twitter.