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Hot Country Knights | The K Is Silent

Dierks Bentley and his touring band are behind this retro-country outfit.

Hot Country Knights are not what they seem. They may look like an ’80s country outfit that never gave up the ghost, but in reality they’re an ’80s country parody fronted by an incognito Dierks Bentley and featuring most of his touring band. I’m not sure if that makes it more attractive or less. But it does explain a few things. And while they’re not exactly Spinal Tap in Stetsons, the Knights do have their moments, chiefly due to Bentley’s upbeat approach and willingness to take himself far less seriously than his music. Giddy-up.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Over the years the Hot Country Knights have been cited as a primary influence on the southeastern part of Middle Tennessee’s weeknight karaoke scene and even hold the honor of being the only act inducted into the Murfreesboro Denny’s Waiting Area of Fame. Famous for never giving up on the dream of the ‘90s, the Hot Country Knights are comprised of band leader Douglas (“Doug”) Douglason, Marty Ray (“Rayro”) Roburn, Terotej (“Terry”) Dvoraczekynski, Barry Van Ricky, Trevor Travis and Monte Montgomery. With tongue firmly in cheek, The Hot Country Knights revive a comedic element which has long been integral to the Country genre, but has rarely been seen since the days of Grand Ole Opry stars like String Bean Akeman, Minnie Pearl and others. As dedicated road warriors, they’ve basically lived out of a van their entire existence — even when they weren’t touring and have many milestones under their belt like playing every Hooters in the state.”