JonoJono Takes Deftones’ Be Quiet And Drive For A Spin

The hybrid artist gives fans what they want with his cover of an indie-rock classic.

JonoJono is firing on all cylinders with his cover of DeftonesBe Quiet And Drive (Far Away) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A special gem requested by his fanbase, JonoJono’s version of song — which first appeared on Deftones’ 1997 album Around The Fur — captures the intensity of the track while adding an edgy aesthetic with a video shot in a dark and gritty industrial warehouse.

JonoJono brings an electrifying energy to the tune with his powerful voice, while his intense delivery of the lyrics convey the song’s emotional message of longing and desire. The instrumentation is smooth and melodic, providing the perfect backdrop for his powerful performance. The singer adds his own personal touch to the song, making it a unique and unforgettable cover.

JonoJono is a curious hybrid, honing the smooth rides and synth sounds of R&B with the electric distortion of grunge and metal. This Florida-born, Houston-raised singer, guitarist and producer has been influenced by everyone from Nirvana and Metallica to Erykah Badu and Frank Ocean (along with his uprising counterparts in the early L.A. group Odd Future).

He believes “music shouldn’t have a name or a label as long as it’s authentic … It should be a gift of freedom to share stories in any way you want, no matter the expectation of others.” This rebellious attitude truly reveals itself onstage, making his gritty and catchy riffs resonate with those who listen.

JonoJono has signed a publishing and distribution deal with Roc Nation and collaborated with multiple artists to cultivate his raw anomalous sound — all while stirring an eager fan base. With an eye set on creating his own lane, the singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer has taken the rebellious path in today’s popular music world.

Watch Be Quiet And Drive above, hear more from JonoJono below and find him at his website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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