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Now Hear This: Buen Destino | Buen Destino

Fuelled by righteous anger and armed with superior songwriting, performance and arrangements, the Spanish hardcore outfit unleash a half-hour of relentless power.

THE TRANSLATED & EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “If you don’t like twisted, loud and intelligent hardcore, you don’t need to continue reading this note because what Buen Destino offer on their first album is not for you. Established in Barcelona in 2020, the four members that give life to this new band are not newcomers: Runa, Jack Torrance, It’s Not Not, Standstill, Omega Cinco, Read My Lips or Vórtice are some of the bands in which Carlo Pavía, Rubén Martínez, David François and Àlex Fernández have played They all had something in common: Anger.

If there are records that are the product of a moment, there are others that are timeless: They belong to a style, not to an era. In this second category you’ll find Buen Destino, whose recognized influences run from one end of the spectrum of uncomfortable music to the other: Killing Joke, Discharge, Converge, Jesus Lizard, Daughters, Dead Cross, Breach or His Hero is Gone.

Recorded and mixed by the omnipresent Santi García at Ultramarinos in the spring of 2022 and mastered shortly after at the AudioSiege Studios in Portland by Brad Boatright — the guitarist and vocalist of From Ashes Rise, who has also mastered albums by Obituary, Poison Idea, Torche or Corrosion of Conformity, to name just a few of the thousands of projects that have passed through his hands — the 12 songs that make up Buen Destino’s debut barely last half an hour. During that blink of an eye, one has plenty of time to injure oneself with Rubén’s pointed guitars, fill one’s ears with bruises with David’s drums, and reach the point of suffocation with the burning verses of Los Creientes, En Meditado Del Espacio or the chaotic Las Virtudes del Primer Mundo.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an album as angry, explosive and poignant as this one. Or one as good.”