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Izael Nzas Contends With a Lover’s Silence in New Lyric Video

The Cuban singer-songwriter chronicles an age-old story in his latest video.

Izael Nzas pleads his case to a wayward, uncommunicative partner in his single and video Silence — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Built around a haunting melody and a skittering trip-hop groove that support his dusky croon, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter’s darkly romantic track chronicles a universal tale: The story a love that has suddenly and inexplicably grown cold.

But even the song’s dramatic, passionate narrative — based on true events, according to Nzas — can’t hold a candle to the Cuban artist’s own compelling saga, in which music truly proved to be a lifesaver.

“It all started by the end of 2017 while I was finishing school,” he says. “I was going trough a really difficult time — (I had) been homeless, my mother was dying from cancer, I was sick with deadly parasites. I got to a point where I wasn’t able to even leave my house for weeks due to my sickness.

“Music was the only thing that got me out a bit from that dark period. I went all the way into the music path. I wrote around 30 songs and 30 instrumentals in a year or so. Even in my worst situation I managed to stay focused and let time pass, believing eventually things were going to fall into place. I didn’t break — and now I’m here to share my history with the world.”

Watch Silence above and connect with Nzas via his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.