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The Stars Align Into Constellations For Meredith Moon

The Toronto singer-songwriter will release her sophomore album this spring.

True North Records recently announced the signing of Meredith Moon and the forthcoming release of her new album Constellations, a blisteringly honest but astonishing body of work that easily puts her neatly in the footsteps of her father Gordon Lightfoot. Constellations is set to be released March 31.

For the past decade, Moon introduced herself simply as “a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter,” wowing audiences around the world with her clawhammer banjo and original songs. She didn’t mention that her father is Lightfoot; she first wanted to prove herself, on her own terms. Which she did: One gig at a time, hitchhiking around North America, riding the rails, making her own connections in DIY spaces and online forums. Now her second album Constellations has landed her a global record deal — and she’s ready for her closeup.

Constellations comprises 10 songs that showcase Meredith’s unique voice and captivating lyrics, wrapped in a raw neo-traditional folk sound, with traditional Appalachian step-rhythms and banjo.

But Moon isn’t someone living in the past. She’s a young woman. She taught herself to play banjo when she was 21 by watching YouTube videos. Then she hit the road playing solo alongside a folk-punk band, tapping into a DIY network that enabled her to book her own tours: across North America, Central America and western Europe, including Croatia and the Czech Republic — many places that don’t often see a young female singer-songwriter playing Appalachian-style banjo. Bars, art spaces, house shows — it didn’t matter to Moon: “I booked everything through the traveling punks and the old-time scene — which are honestly quite similar.”

She only performed publicly with her father for the first time in 2022, opening some Canadian dates for the songwriting legend. “He didn’t introduce me as his daughter. He completely understands and respects why I’d want that. He’d just say, ‘Give it up for Meredith Moon.’ That was really nice.”

So, take the man’s advice and put your hands together and give it up: follow Constellations until you find Meredith Moon. On her own merits.

Constellations Tracklist

1. Starcrossed (2:10)
2. That Town (3:44)
3. Constellations (4:17)
4. Brokenwing Bird (4:12)
5. Your Cards (3:34)
6. Soldier’s Joy (2:46)
7. Lighthouse County (3:40)
8. Mark Twain (3:19)
9. Needlecase Medley (3:09)
10. Slow Moving Train (4:21)