Weekend Mixtape | 200+ New Songs That Get The Job Done (Side 3)

It’s definitely been one of those days around here. But amid everything that went wrong, here are the things that didn’t: More than 200 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies and live performances of all styles and stripes — including dozens you won’t catch anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🍺 because that’s the next thing on my schedule. Cheers:



1🍺 Metallica | Screaming Suicide

2🍺 The Brokedowns | Samurai Sword Decontrol

3The Bloodstrings | Heartache Radio

4Ov Sulfur | Earthen

5Polymerase | Evil Hand

6🍺 Jesus Piece | Gates Of Horn

7Bloomr | TalkTalkTalk

8Katatonia | Opaline

9🍺 Alessandro Liccardo | Roll Off My Back

10Marked;Life | Critical Hit

11Shakra | Invincible

12Jiro | 3 Masks

13Isole | The Songs of the Whales

14Maple Mars | Anchors Aweigh

15Hunting Giants | Vanguard

16Cleopatrick | Lost

17Warforged | House of Resentment

18Rival Town | Run

19Gideon | More Power. More Pain.

20Sacred Oath | Words Upon The Stone (Live)

21Twilight Force | At The Heart Of Wintervale

22Kiberspassk | Viy

23Neroargento | The Way I Am (Live)

24Heroes And Monsters | Break Me (I’m Yours)

25Gravehuffer | Blueprint For An Early Grave

26Public Serpents | Not Forever

27Elvenking | The Hanging Tree

28Eufory | Day For Night

29Redemption | Seven Minutes From Sunset

30One Last Day | As Time Stands Still

31Dark Princess | Unburnt

32Late Night Venture | Mammut

33Lethvm | Mournful

34🍺 Heaven’s Gate | Smear Crusade

35Melonball | Sicker

36Reminders | International Dial Tones

37Fight For My Life | ColourMind

38Resignation | Apologies Necessary

39Ihsahn | Contorted Monuments

40Plasma Canvas | Election Year Relapse

41Street Tombs | Rising Torment

42🍺 Airstream Futures | Bury Mary

43Wrong Life | Internal Bleeding