Jackie K Would Be Happy To See Dandelions Everywhere

The Saskatchewan singer-songwriter looks forward to spring in her latest single.

Jackie K sets her sights on spring with her bittersweet new single Dandelions Everywhere — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Fresh from her recently released EP Look For The Little Things, the song is simultaneously hopeful, wistful, cheery and melancholy as Jackie K sings about nostalgia for something she doesn’t yet have.

Backed by a full band — piano, ukulele, strings, guitar, and sax — Dandelions Everywhere has the glorious, innocent ’70s feel of The Carpenters or 5th Dimension. When the song breaks into a chorus of ‘Dandelions everywhere / Now the snow has gone,’ we’re right there with Jackie in those early, sunny days of spring.

Dandelions, of course, aren’t the most beautiful or glamorous flower; in fact, they’re technically a weed — but that’s the point, the North Battleford artist muses. “This song was written during a Songstudio workshop in February of 2021, sitting in my basement on an online meeting app,” Jackie recalls. “Being sick of winter, sick of Covid, and waiting for spring was the general feeling. My co-writer Evelyn Saungikar and I knew the season was coming — sooner for her in Toronto than me in Saskatchewan, and that we would even be excited about dandelions!”

Finding joy and hope in simple pleasures and moments is what the album — recorded at Riverdale Recorders in Edmonton — is all about. “It’s important to always remember to look for the little things,” Jackie says. “During stressful times, it’s even more important to find moments of gratitude.”

Look For The Little Things also includes the track Green Heals Me, another song about the transformative power of spring. “I did have several people ask me if it was a song about pot,” Jackie considers. “I hadn’t been thinking that, but it would work!” The four-track EP also plays host to Night At The Opry, inspired by a field trip to Memphis and Nashville Jackie took with her music students in 2020 right before Covid shut everything. Rounding out the release is In My Oasis, a high-energy track about a teacup full of purple flowers.

Jackie K’s musical endeavors are mainly a family affair; her husband Tom Kroczynski is her bass player, her sons Connor and Sean Newton play sax and guitar, respectively; Sean, also engineered, produced and mastered her album. The band is rounded out by drummer Phil Rodda and Patrick Whelan on fiddle.

Check out Dandelions Everywhere above, listen to Look For The Little Things below, and find Jackie K at her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.