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Claire Whitehead | Come On Friend: Exclusive Single Premiere

The Toronto artist gives us a peek at her country opera about Thelma & Louise.

Claire Whitehead celebrates an iconic cinematic sisterhood with her new single Come On Friend — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“This song is about transformative, loving friendship,” the Toronto singer-songwriter explains. “It expresses the moment in Thelma & Louise when all of their money gets stolen, they’re on the run and Louise has lost all hope. This awakens a fierce commitment in Thelma to change her passive nature and find a solution for the two of them. It is about caring enough for a friendship that you can allow it to change you, as you both grow together.”

And the story doesn’t end there. A rootsy pop-rocker reminiscent of Sheryl Crow, Come On Friend is just the first single from Whitehead’s remarkable new multi-media project Thelma: A Country Opera, a melding of the worlds of music, film and pop culture.

Taking the stage, Whitehead guides the audience through a series of country songs, each lending their own narrative to the powerful evolution of Thelma’s character from the beloved 1991 film. Not only do the songs capture key moments in the character’s journey; there is also a visual element, as clips from the film are interspersed with the music to further highlight important moments of Thelma’s feminist awakening. From innocence and confinement to independence and an outsider life, the evolution is simultaneously beautiful, strange and heartbreaking as we are taken for a ride with Whitehead into the deep dive of Thelma’s relationship to Louise as she becomes both stronger in herself and closer to her partner in crime.

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