Evil Creek Wish They Could Be Lovely

The award-winning Ottawa outfit deliver a powerful blast of acoustic hard rock.

Evil Creek take a cold, hard look in the mirror with their indignant new single and video Lovely — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The second chapter of their recent narrative EP Away From The Sun, the award-winning Ottawa rockers serve up a dark blast of acoustic hard rock that examines the wistful longing, plaguing doubts, profound loneliness and tender reminiscence we all experience in today’s world.

“Drawing inspiration from a society struggling with self loathing and addiction, the song Lovely captures a dire need to want to be somebody else in a toxic and plastic world,” they explain. “All this anguish is both embraced and disguised in an uptempo acoustic hard rock banger.”

Lovely erupts with a twangy, acoustic guitar that they call “a nod to American music icons Tool — like a fast-paced breath exhaling and inhaling before a heartbeat of drums draws you in and pounds in your chest.” Turning the page, vocalist Mark Garrod launches into vexed lyrics that divulge a life of dysfunction and self-destruction:

“Wake up with the shakes
Until I take another drink
Drop another pill to calm me
A shattered reflection and
I can relate
This is who I am.”

Annoyed with his life and reality, Garrod directs his anger toward a yearning to have a different life. To be a different person — “Because you’re so lovely.” The heavy driver concludes with a massive musical buildup that culminated in Garrod’s final statement:

“You’re like an angel flying
Through a wall of fire
Wake up crying, crying
I still hear your laughter.”

Watch the video for Lovely above, hear more from Evil Creek below, and head over to their website, Facebook and Instagram.