the dt’s Need You (Forever)

Two New Jersey singer-songwriters join forces on a Britpop-inspired anthem.


the dt’s speak from the heart with their earnest third single Need You (Forever) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

On the slow-burning single, the duo from Springfield, N.J. combine sincerely searching lyrics with Britpop-infused songcraft and a soaring chorus to fashion an anthemic, passionate number that will ring true to anyone who’s ever tried to answer life’s burning questions and come up short.

“We recorded Need You (Forever) in our home-studio during lockdown where we really took the time to dive deep into understanding the recording process,” the duo or Tom Losito and David Cacciatore say in a press release. “Dave wrote the song while in college; he first came up with the riff, and later added lyrics. It naturally came together, infusing elements with some of his most beloved bands like The Beatles and Oasis.

“The song started just on two acoustic guitars. From there, we added layers of electric guitars through our vintage Fender, Peavey, Vox amps. We utilized Dave’s Gibson Les Paul Custom SG and Tom’s dad’s ’74 Fender Strat heavily. We also experimented with vocal layering harmonies, which were tedious but rewarding.”

The pair, who met at an open-mic night, share a passion for songwriting, performing, and love of harmonies. Fresh out of prior musical outfits, they dove head-first into creating; both multi-instrumentalists with influences from jazz, rock, modern and power pop, they formally began releasing music together in 2021, and their dedication to their craft, plus innate desire to experiment with sound, provides a shiny forecast to a bright future together in the music community.

Listen to Need You (Forever) above, hear more from the dt’s below, and get them at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.