Tinnitist TV | Episode 69: Brendan Benson

The multi-tasking musician and Raconteur talks Low Key, covering classics & more.


Brendan Benson is one of those guys who can do it all — and do it well. He sings, he writes, he plays umpteen instruments, he produces and engineers — and oh yeah, he co-pilots the supergroup The Raconteurs with his fellow Detroit native and Nashville resident Jack White.

With all that going for him, you might expect Benson to be a high-maintenance dude. But in truth, he seems more like the title of his latest solo album Low Key. As usual, he made the album pretty much by himself in his own studio, painstakingly handcrafting another set of superb, classic-sounding pop-rock in the vein of Squeeze, Crowded House and The Kinks. If that isn’t old-school enough for you, he even covers Gerry Rafferty’s hit Right Down The Line. Shortly before Low Key arrived, Benson Zoomed in to talk about going it alone, reuniting The Raconteurs, and which classic pop-rocker he might cover next. Enjoy