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Next Week in Music | Nov. 28 – Dec. 4 • The Long List: 275 Releases On The Way

All the music heading for your playlist in the coming days — and plenty more besides.


Today would have been Jimi Hendrix’s 80th birthday. While you spin all his classics — and read my feature on his life, career and death HERE — don’t forget to check out the 275 albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes heading to your playlist.



Jessica Ackerley | Wave: Volume I
Adeem The Artist White Trash Revelry
Pablo Alborán | La Cu4rta Hoja
Harley Alexander | Universal Love 2
Amberian Dawn | Take A Chance: A Metal Tribute To ABBA
Årabrot | Heart EP
Arcangel | Sr. Santos
Ben Arsenault | Ben Arsenault
Asian Glow & Sonhos Tomam Conta | Dreamglow
Asllan | Citizen of the World
The Asthmatic | Viscus
Avions | Avions
Babyface Ray | Mob
Baltra | Brush Strokes
Bananafish | Snowblind
Sara Bareilles & Various Artists | Into the Woods Broadway Cast Recording
Maher Shalal Hash Baz | Blues du Jour Reissue
BCUC | Elektronikalizer 10″Dubplate
The Beach Boys | Sail On Sailor 1972
Brendan Benson | Low Key
Bereza | Tarlabashi Tek w/ Credit 00 Remix
Laila Biali | My Favorite Things Single
Big D & The Kids Table | Strictly Rude 15th Anniversary Edition
Billy2chips | Fluffy Pinks
The Bird Calls | My Life In Hollywood
Martin Bisi | Feral Myths
Black Oak Arkansas | X Rated Reissue
Black Ox Orkestar | Everything Returns
Blackwinterwells | Protector
Kadhja Bonet | California Holiday EP
Brakence | Hypochondriac
The Brood | Puttin’ On A Show
Dan Brooklyn | The Great Beast
Buddie | Transplant
Lean Callahan | Cut-Ups
Junior Cally | Deviazioni
Pedro Capó | La Neta
Frank Carlberg Trio | Reflections 1952
Neal Casal | Rain, Wind and Speed Vinyl Reissue
Cesare vs Disorder | First Rinse EP
David Cieri | Omniotik Book 2
Cloud Management | Cloud Management
Coileight | Claimant 74
Coileight | Grease Weekly
Coileight | 2nd Cell
Collage | Over and Out
Corvair | I Believe in Christmas Single
Rodolphe Coster & Band | High With the People
Cotärd | 4 Track E​P
Carl Cox | Electronic Generations
Creed | My Own Prison Vinyl Reissue
Cryostasium | Dragon’s Keep
Cryostasium | Dragon’s Keep
Buck Curran | Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity (Improvisations 2017-2022)
Christoph Dahlberg | Blackforms
Dam Swindle | Keep On Swindling Pt. 3
Dangereens | Tough Luck
Demigod | Slumber of Sullen Eyes
Desperate Journalist | Live at JT
Deströyer 666 | Never Surrender
Dexter | Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 3: The Jazz Files Reissue
DMVU | Little Castles, Swim To Me
Domabooy | No(Cap) Love
Donzii | Fishbowl
Dope | Live & Rare
Dormente | Abismo Informação
Døssi | Love, Let Go and Love Again
DoYouThinkSo | Fruit Fruit Punch Punch
Scott DuBois | Summer Water
R.Dyer | Little Victories
Earstone / Marcus H | Gumm
East00155 | Critical Schema EP
Ekkah | All Night (Loverground Remix) EP
Shira Elias | Services The EP
Aviva Endean | Moths & Stars
Gloria Estefan, Emily Estefan & Sasha Estefan-Coppola | Estefan Family Christmas
Evil Creek | Away From The Sun EP
Exist In Ruin | Exist In Ruin
Faster Pussycat | Like A Ghost / Pirate Love
Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat | El Maldecido
Terence Fixmer | Shifting Signals
Lamin Fofana | Unsettling Scores
David Foster & Katharine McPhee | Christmas Songs
Friendship Commanders | Release The Rest
Froggy & Lil Baby | It’s Only Me Deluxe
Frøkedal / Sâver | Split EP
Gallery B | So AM
Jerry Garcia | Garcia 50th Anniversary Edition
Laszlo Gardony | Close Connection
Gawne | Seven
Getšemane | Viimaa
The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker | The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker EP
Gnov | Legyünk Kicsit Bátrabbak
Gogol Bordello | Super Taranta! Vinyl Reissue
Groovy D | Red Alert EP
The Vince Guaraldi Trio | A Charlie Brown Christmas Super Deluxe Edition
Hildur Guðnadóttir | Women Talking
Half•Alive | Conditions Of A Punk
Matthew Halsall | Changing Earth EP
Hammers Of Misfortune | Overtaker
Handapple | Untangled
The Hard-Ons | Yummy Reissue
Hans Hass | Welche Farbe hat der Wind: The Reworks
Rose Haze | Contemplations in the Desert
Heavy Cloud | How to Find My Way Home
Heron | Empires of Ash
Ari Hicks | It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2
Micah P. Hinson | I Lie to You
Hoofmark | Blood Red Lullabies
Hot Hot Heat | Make Up The Breakdown Deluxe Edition
Humble Pie | The A&M Box Set 1970-1975
Shirley Hurt | Shirley Hurt
Intolerant | Zero Point
Isafjørd | Hjartastjaki
Isolated Earthlings | Isolated Earthlings
Itzy | Cheshire
Sophie Jamieson | Choosing
Jarv | The Amalgam
JLZ | Área 4
John Jody | Lucky Lee
Jo-Jo & The Teeth | No More Good News
Jameson Nathan Jones | Somewhat the Same
Simon Juliff | Stars
King Canyon | Gravity / Woman
Kolya | Angzarr
Konkurs | Mind Stimulant
RJ LeBlanc | Heyday
Lebrique | Head Trap
Blair Lee | The Puppy Game EP
Leftfield | This Is What We Do
Maja Lena | Pluto
Letters Sent Home | Fire In Me
Lewca | Friday Night Rockstar
L.F.T. | Salz Reissue
Lightships | Electric Cables Reissue
Lil Busso & Tredici Pietro | Lovesick
Lisieux | Abide!
The Little Unsaid | Fable
Ljasp | Rooftops Tour 2022
Local H | Here Comes the Zoo 20th Anniversary Edition
LOSD | Chains
Loud Hound | It’s Ok To Be Lonely Part #1
Hora Lunga | Wirren
Galcher Lustwerk | 100% Galcher
Magon | Enter By The Narrow Gate
The Martial Arts | Christmas With The Martial Arts
Georgia Maq | Live at Sydney Opera House EP
Massa Nera | Derramar | Querer | Borrar
Paul McCartney | The 7″ Singles Box Set
McKenzie & Gardiner | Timestamp: The Collection
Eliza McLamb | Salt Circle EP
Metro Boomin | Heroes & Villains
Metronomy | Small World Deluxe Edition
mHz | Same Room, Another Day
Mick’s Jaguar | Salvation
Nicki Minaj | Queen Radio: Volume 1
Modern Studies | Cassandra
Moncho y Su Banda | Que Bellas Son
Moonshine Collective | SMS For Location Vol. 5
Anthony Moore | CSound & Saz
Micky More & Andy Tee | In Our Groove
Mthunzi Mvubu | The 1st Gospel
Munchi | The Mambo Detanao EP
Olly Murs | Marry Me
Angel Mutesasira Chapter One | EP
Mynolia | All Things Heavy
My Octopus Mind | Here My Rawr Single
Nazz | Lost Masters & Demos
Necrodeath | Singin’ in the Pain
NOFX | Double Album
Nyx Nótt | Themes From
Obvurt | Triumph Beyond Adversity
Ol’ RattleBones | Rise Chapter1
Opus Arise | The Network
Other Half | Soft Action
Outer Limit Lotus | Dazzling Darkness
Ovens | Ovens
The Pastels | The Last Great Wilderness
Permanent Vacation | Shelf Life
Oscar Peterson | Night Train Vinyl Reissue
Phlebotomized | Devoted to God
Pinguini Tattici Nucleari | Fake News
Piglet | Seven Songs EP
Piqsiq | Ave Maria
The Plague | Hope For The F.U.T.U.R.E (2.0)
pMad | Who Why Where What
P1Harmony | Harmony: Set In
Elvis Presley | Elvis On Tour Box Set
Prime Time Band | TSTD Reworks 01: Fall In Love In Outer Space
Rabbit | Halo Of Flies EP
Raise A Suilen | The Way Of Life
RichyRanger | 12.2.22 EP
Ready For Death | Ready For Death
Red | Until We Have Faces: Live & Unplugged
Red Velvet | The ReVe Festival 2022: Birthday
Rini | UltraViolet EP
RM | Indigo
Steve Rosenbaum | Have A Cool Summer! Summer​-​Pop Demos And 4​-​Track Gems 1979​-​1989
Sampha the Great | As Above, So Below Vinyl
Sarchasm | Conditional Love
Sash | Biggersweet EP
Brinsley Schwarz | This Christmas (Magic In The Air)
The Sea Ensemble | Memoirs of a Dream
Sekai Symphony Special | Sekai Symphony Special
Sewerquinn | 5mg Heartache
Sewerquinn | Sugar-Free ++Edition
Kenny Wayne Shepherd | Trouble Is​.​.​. 25
Shovel Dance Collective | The Water is the Shovel of the Shore
Shredd | The Place Unknown
Sick Luke | X2 Deluxe Edition
Troye Sivan | You Know What I Need
Slithyst | One Bone Broken For Every Twig Snapped Underfoot EP
Cory Smythe | Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Snotty Nose Rez Kids | I’m Good, HBU?
Nicky Soft Touch | Lonely City Cuts LP
SoiSong | qXn948s EP
SoldierBoy | Nosztalgia
Esperanza Spalding | Radio Music Society 10th Anniversary Edition
Strict Face | Focus, Explode
Subfusion | Second Phaze EP
Suss | Suss
Swansea Sound | Music Lover EP
Swept To Sea | Tides EP
M. Takara & Carla Boregas | Grande Massa D’Agua
Tapefeed | Anterograde
Imha Tarikat | Hearts Unchained: At War With A Passionless World
Tarja | Best of Tarja: Living the Dream
Tarkan | Son Durak
Telefís | Stock Photo Guy EP
Tennis Pagan | Half Normalled
The Three Sum | Kingdom Fall EP
Tiggs Da Author | Morefire 2
Tobacco | Skids and Angels
Topdown Dialectic | S​/​T 2013
Rico Toto | Fwa Épi Saj​è​s
Jennifer Touch | Midnight Proposals
Chris Travis | The 1 & Only
Tru Thoughts | Tru Thoughts 2022
Uhl | Channels
U.R.Trax | Third Ear
Various Artists | A Tribute To Ryuichi Sakamoto: To The Moon And Back
Various Artists | Big Stir Records: Twenty​-​Two Tracks From 2022
Various Artists | Escape From S​ã​o Paulo Vol. III
Various Artists | Imaginary Landscapes
Various Artists | I Surrender Sleighs
Various Artists | Liquefied Sky
Various Artists | NOW Yearbook ’80-’84: The Final Chapter
Various Artists | Rusted Drones Vol. 2
Various Artists | Shouts 2022
Various Artists | Third Man Records: Southeast Of Saturn Vol. 2
Various Artists | Too Slow To Disco Reworks 01
Veilburner | Veilburner
Victor Shores | Victor Shores
Virgin Prunes | …If I Die, I Die 40th Anniversary Edition
Vis Mystica | Celestial Wisdom
Sammy Volkov | Be Alright
Curtis Vuori | Room of Worries
Wage War | The Stripped Sessions
John-Allison Weiss | The Long Way
White Lung | Premonition
Ward White | Ice Cream Chords
Wild Ones | Now You Know: Selected Songs 2010​-​2018
Gary Wilkinson | Spiritual Church
Robbie Williams | Life Thru A Lens 25th Anniversary Edition
Al Wootton | Artefacts
Work Wife | Quitting Season
Xao | Wirehead
Yes | Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-Two Reissue
Yoke | Ten Feet Tall EP
Neil Young | Harvest 50th Anniversary Edition
Yusuf / Cat Stevens | Catch Bull At Four 50th Anniversary Edition
Zaeer | El Taree
Zazie | Aile-P