Tinnitist TV | Episode 66: Larkin Poe

The Lovell sisters on their new album Blood Harmony, cover tunes and much more.

Music has always been a family affair for Rebecca and Megan Lovell — first with their older sibling Jessica in the sweet Americana trio The Lovell Sisters, and now as the leaders of the harder-hitting roots-rock outfit Larkin Poe. But with their latest album Blood Harmony, they’re welcoming some new members into the fold.

Unlike previous records that took a decidedly DIY approach, with the sisters playing, producing and programming nearly everything themselves, Blood Harmony features production from Rebecca’s singer-guitarist husband Tyler Bryant, along with backing from their touring band. The result is their biggest, boldest and most fully realized album to date. A few weeks before Blood Harmony arrived, the Lovells Zoomed in from their Nashville homes to talk about songwriting, sister acts, cover tunes and plenty more. Enjoy.