Big Lou Battles Depression In Tayrona

The Caribbean-born Canadian rapper fights the good fight with his latest release.

Big Lou pens a letter to depression while seeking resurrection with his latest single and animated video Tayrona — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I chose to call this song Tayrona because of what the word means,” the Caribbean-born Canadian rapper explains. “It translates to ‘sons of the jaguar’ or ‘jaguar warrior.’ Some say that the jaguar represents the power to face one’s fears or to confront one’s enemies. This is exactly what … we need to do to overcome our depression.”

Big Lou’s heartfelt message of survival comes packaged with a hard-hitting production — an infectious Spanish guitar lick paired with deep bass kicks programmed to subconsciously open the listener to “blue pill” themes while covered by a façade of trap music.

Listening to Big Lou’s newest single makes it obvious that these choices were entirely intentional. The production feels harrowingly personal to Big Lou, containing an internal power drive that can only be described as inspiring. “Everyone out here is struggling with something. Instead of contributing to the problem, I want to be part of the solution. I try and inject as much positivity and hope into my music as possible. There are difficult and ugly aspects to this life but with each other’s support, we can make our lives that much better.

“I understand that struggle is a part of life. From it, we get the opportunity to grow despite how ugly it may look although there can be beauty in the struggle. An important first step to take to identify this beauty is to talk about our struggles. Depression needs to be a bigger part of the conversation. Too many people are struggling alone and that is only making the problem worse.”

Big Lou began his artistic journey honing his lyrical penmanship and singer-songwriter skills in 2019 while practising his raps for any and all willing listeners. As he dealt with many personal hurdles, including depression, he subsequently launched the Go Produce podcast, featuring interviews with music industry professionals offering advice to up and comers. With experience, persistence, and determination, he would realize his musical vision with the debut single As A Crew. Big Lou has been breaking into the Canadian hip-hop scene ever since, featuring catchy hooks, infections flows, and dynamic rhythms sure to appeal to all hip-hop fans.

Watch the animated video for Tayrona above, sample more sounds from Big Lou below, and find him at his website, Facebook and Instagram.


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