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Now Hear This: Half Japanese | Crazy Hearts

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Half Japanese return with another thrilling ride into unknown charters encountering beasts, celebrities, and menaces. Purveyors of noise and indie rock for over four decades, Half Japanese have inspired generations of fans from musicians and critics alike. Their 19th studio album Crazy Hearts continues with their detuned, outsider pop capturing you in the way that only Jad Fair ever can.

A philosophical psych-tinged journey, these whip-smart observations are uplifting with life-affirming sentiments (Wondrous Wonder) that we are familiar with. They meld melodic classic rock riffs with heavier bass lines and darker, more twisted tones on My Celebrity and A Phantom Menace. Half Japanese deliver another well-wrought album with their usual DIY ethos and art punk spirit at its core (Undisputed Champions), all whilst wearing Jad’s heart firmly on its sleeve (Crazy Hearts).

Recording across various studios in Spain, France and the U.S., Jad Fair is accompanied by his longstanding band members John Sluggett, Giles Vincent Rieder, Mick Hobbs and Jason Willett. Crazy Hearts was mastered by Brian Pyle and mixed by Jason Willett of the band. The album includes artwork from American illustrator and cartoonist Gary Panter and David Fair.”